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Weather records dropping like snowflakes

Fire and ice on Lake Michigan
Fire and ice on Lake Michigan
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Coldest to hottest, wettest to driest, winter weather records are being smashed across the U.S.

Cities in Upper Michigan and Wisconsin suffered their coldest meteorological winter on record. Central Illinois is enduring its snowiest winter in history with Chicago having more days at or below freezing than ever before. Green Bay broke its previous record for the most consecutive days below zero: 49 and counting.

The Great Lakes are frozen to near record levels and snow cover across the U.S. is the third highest since record keeping began. Even the airline industry is breaking records with over 80,000 flight cancellations so far this winter.

Meanwhile, Las Vegas and Tucson are basking in their warmest winters in recorded history, and northern California is shriveling from one of its driest winters on record.

Far to the north, Alaska is also having one of its warmest winters ever, with Iditarod racers facing the unusual challenges of snowless terrain and open water. Competitor Eric Noble of Eagle River, Alaska summed it up best: “too warm for dogs”.