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Image #1 Mammatus Clouds near Rapid City SD:

During my adventure to Western South Dakota, I came across this severe thunderstorm just to the east of Rapid City SD, the image attached to this blog, shows you what a close up of mammatus clouds look like. As you can see from the image, these clouds are conducive of sinking air from the upper levels, which gives it a bubble appearance, these clouds are typically located towards the edge of the super-cell thunderstorm.

Image #2 This image depicts the Mother ship arriving

Earlier that day, before seeing the mammatus clouds, I was able to capture a great image of the mothership moving across the same region, just to the east of Rapid City.

Image #3 This image was taken in June as well, just to the south of Watertown SD, as you can see this depicts a well developed super-cell thunderstorm as it was the only cloud in the entire sky at the time, when we got closer to the cell, winds gusted to near 65mph and dime to pea size hail fell from this storm.

Image #4 This image was taken from underneath a super-cell, as you can see the strato-cumulus cloud in the image, while taking this shot, it was noted that these clouds per upper air data were moving at about 50mph around 2,000ft above the ground during this storm.

Image #5 Finished up this storm chasing day with some R and R in the Badlands of South Dakota, here you can see the badlands in the background on a clear late afternoon with no clouds to be found, it was a great chance to see miles and miles away as the air was clear.

Information: These photos are copyright of Weathergeeks Weatherworld.

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