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Weather Newsletter for July 18

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Mississippi Gulf Coast 5 Day Weather Forecast (Biloxi MS):

Friday: Cloudy with showers and thunderstorms. High temps will be around 86F, winds will be mainly from the south between 5-10mph as overnight lows fall to around 75F.

Saturday: Cloudy with showers and thunderstorms through the day. High temps around 86F, with an overnight low of 75F. Winds will blow from the SSW between 5-10mph.

Sunday: Partly cloudy with showers and thunderstorms. High temps near 89F, with winds will be from the SSW between 8-12mph. Overnight lows will be near 76F.

Monday: Mostly sunny with a stray shower. High temp of 90F with an overnight low around 76F. Winds from the SSW between 2-8mph.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms. High temp around 89F with an overnight low of 76F. Winds will blow from the WSW between 2-8mph.

North Central SD Weather Forecast (Lemmon SD):

Friday: Sunny and clear with winds blowing from the SSW between 7-11mph gusting to 16mph. High temp near 90F with an overnight low of 60F.

Saturday: Sunny and clear. A high temp of 92F with an overnight low near 65F. Winds will be from the SSE between 9-13mph gusting to 16mph.

Sunday: Sunny and hot. Daytime hear near 97F with an overnight low around 67F. Winds from the south between 8-11 mph.

Monday: Sunny and hot. High temps near 98F, low temps around 67F, winds will be variable between 7-11mph.

Tuesday: Sunny and clear. Daytime high near 94F with and overnight low of 66F. Winds will blow from the ENE between 7-11mph.

North East SD Weather Forecast (Corona/Milbank):

Friday: Sunny and clear. High temp around 85F with an overnight low near 64F. Winds will be blowing from the south at 9-16mph.

Saturday: Sunny. High temps will reach 85F with an overnight low around 67F. Winds will be mainly from the south between 11-14mph.

Sunday: Sunny becoming partly cloudy with hit and miss showers in the evening. High temp of 88F with a low of 69F. Winds will be from the SSE between 13-17mph.

Monday: Sunny and warmer becoming partly cloudy with isolated showers and thunderstorms in the evening. Daytime high near 82F with an overnight low of 63F. Winds from the south between 10-15mph.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy with a slight chance for isolated showers. A high near 91F with a low of around 60F. Winds will blow from the SSE between 7-11mph.

Global Weather Headlines for July 18, 2014:

Record low temperatures will continue from the Plains into the Midwest before moving into the South and the Appalachians. A cooler breeze along with sunny skies and lower humidity will grace hundreds of thousands through the remainder of the week but the hottest temperatures of the summer may be in store as soon as next week. An area of high pressure has built over the Northwestern portion of the US and is expected to move the cold front that has been bringing the cooler weather further out east bringing with it a surge in heat and humidity. Temperatures are forecast to be up to 40 degrees higher than they were this week and be accompanied by rounds of showers and thunderstorms mainly during the afternoon/evening hours.

Dry conditions and warm temperatures will set the stage for the start of the 2014 Open Championship in England before showers and thunderstorms threaten the golf tournament. Temperatures will be in the mid 70s through the end of the week before dipping to low 70s range with chances for isolated showers and thunderstorms beginning Friday with the highest risk for showers and thunderstorms that can at times become heavy being Saturday. As the final rounds commence, the threat for shower will begin to diminish.

After pounding the Philippines earlier this week Typhoon Rammasun is headed towards southern China and northern Vietnam and although it has weakened, it is expected to intensify before reaching the China-Vietnam region. Damaging floods and violent winds made their way across the Philippines and more of the same along with mudslides and a storm surge of up to 8 feet are possible as the weekend progresses. Rammasun is expected to quickly loose strength upon reaching the rugged terrain of Vietnam.



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