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Weather History: June 4: Record temps, storms, wind, tornadoes, snow & tropics

Meteorological events that happened on June 4th:


A severe weather outbreak occurred across portions of Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana. A tornado destroyed or unroofed homes at the edge of Kaskaskia, along the Mississippi River. Tornadoes also occurred near the Wabash River, across Lawrence and Wabash Counties. The tornado in Wabash County was reportedly a mile wide, and crossed into Indiana. Damage from this tornado in forested areas was reportedly still visible in 1876. Further south, a tornado crossing the Wabash River north of Shawneetown reportedly devastated the lower end of Wabash Island, killing 3 people on the Indiana side.


A hurricane struck Long Island, NY leveling trees and causing damage to ships. The early season hurricane, which originated around Cuba, caused major damage along the Atlantic coast from Charleston, SC to New York City. Many were lost at sea. The schooner
Hornet foundered near New York with loss of her entire crew.


A tornado of F4 intensity touched down just west of Mt. Carmel, IL and moved east northeast, devastating the town. The tornado occurred in a heavily wooded area, and many trees were thrown long distances. After crossing the Wabash River, the tornado tracked for another 5 miles across Indiana before dissipating. 20 businesses and 100 homes were damaged or destroyed. At least 16 people, and as many as 30, were killed, with 100 others injured.


Pittsburgh, PA & Cleveland, OH received up to 10 inches of rain that caused serious flooding.


A fierce wind and rain storm, pummeled Bridgetown, New Brunswick Canada with pea-sized hail. Several barns were demolished.


A rare June snowfall occurred at Cheyenne, WY with 8 inches reported.


Another rare June snowfall occurred at Cheyenne, WY with 3 inches reported.


Several locations in the upper Midwest had their coldest June temperatures on record. La Crosse, WI and Waukon, IA dropped to 32°. This was their latest spring freeze and coldest June temperature. Other locations recording their coldest June temperature were Mondovi, WI: 29° and Richland Center, WI: 31°.


This was the start of the second shortest snow-free period on record at Denver, CO of 109 days. This occurred with the last snow of the season: a trace on this date. The first snow of the next season occurred on September 21st when 4.2 inches of snow fell.


An F4 tornado tracked 32 miles through St Croix and Dunn Counties in Wisconsin, killing 20 people and injuring 110 others.


High winds, large hail, and a few tornadoes did damage across South Dakota during the afternoon and evening hours. Thunderstorms produced straight line wind gusts of over 50 mph in many areas including 60 mph at Sioux Falls and 70 mph at Huron. The strong winds near Sioux Falls blew down many trees and power lines, as well as the KELO radio tower. In south central South Dakota baseball sized hail ravaged portions of Todd County. Southern Jackson County was the unfortunate recipient of 6 tornadoes in less than one-half hour including two on the ground at the same time. All told, the straight line winds did much more damage than the tornadoes.


A four-day storm began over New England which produced up to 14 inches of rain in southern Connecticut breaching 23 dams and breaking two others. Damage was estimated at more than $276 million dollars.


Heavy rains of up to 7 inches caused the Bad River to rise over 23 feet in six hours at Fort Pierre. Flash flooding resulted as a dam, 17 miles west of Fort Pierre gave way and an irrigation dam near town was damaged. Some roads and bridges were covered by water. Many homes had water damage. Strong thunderstorm winds gusting up to 60 mph downed numerous branches and several signs in Faulk, Edmunds, McPherson, and Brown County.


The temperature reached a stifling 102° at Lakeland, FL, setting a new high for the month of June as well as establishing a new all-time high for any month. The previous high for June was 100° set most recently on 6/17/1981. The previous all-time hottest day occurred on 7/21/1942 with a reading of 101°.


Early morning thunderstorms in south Texas produced 6.5 inches of rain at Hockheim, and 5 inches at Hallettsville, in just a few hours.

Afternoon thunderstorms in Virginia deluged northern Halifax County with 5.5 inches of rain in just two hours. Thunderstorms produced wind gusts to 76 mph at Dusty, VA, and wind gusts to 88 mph at Swanquarter, NC.

Preston, MN recorded their coldest June temperature ever when they dropped to 31°.


Many cities in the eastern U.S. reported record low temperatures for the date, including Atlantic City, NJ with a reading of 40°.

Many cities in the north central U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date, including Glasgow and Havre, MT with readings of 102°. Billings, MT hit 101°, their earliest occurrence of triple digit heat. They would hit 102° the next day.


Thunderstorms produced severe weather from the Southern Plains Region and the Lower Mississippi Valley to the Southern Atlantic Coast Region during the day and into the night. Just four tornadoes were reported, but there were 87 reports of large hail or damaging winds.

Thunderstorms produced locally heavy rains of up to 5 inches in two hours that caused flooding in some areas of northwest Ford county and eastern Finney County in Kansas. Dodge City received heavy rains that washed several cars off roadways. One man nearly drowned as the flood waters carried him nearly two blocks after he got out of his car and

tried to walk through running water. No major damage was reported in Dodge City.


Severe thunderstorms were widespread from Missouri and Arkansas eastward to the Mid Atlantic states with more than 260 reports of severe weather, including over two dozen tornadoes. An early morning mesoscale convective complex over southern Missouri and north Arkansas moved eastward and evolved into a vicious derecho, traversing eastward across Kentucky in excess at 80 mph at one point. Wind gusts reached 100 mph near Elizabethtown, KY. Damage was widespread. 30 homes and mobile homes suffered major damage in Butler County. Over 75% of the roads in the county were blocked due to downed trees. 4.5 inch diameter hail fell at Smith Mountain Lake, VA. Total damage from the high winds at hail in Virginia was $60 million dollars, with $21 million of that occurred in the city of Lynchburg. 3.5 inch inch diameter hail was reported in Davie County in North Carolina.

An earthquake measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale shook a portion of northeast South Dakota and west central Minnesota. The epicenter of the quake was 22 miles northwest of Morris, MN or 38 miles east of Sisseton, SD. The quake was the first in the area since 1975 and lasted from 4 to 30 seconds rattling dishes, knocking down pictures and surprising everyone.


The temperature at Williston, ND dropped to 26° to establish a monthly record for June. Neillsville, WI also reported their coldest June temperature as they dropped to 22°. The mercury dropped to 24° in Tower, MN as winter made one last call across the northern Plains. 2 to 3 inches of snow fell in portions of South Dakota and 7 inches fell in portions of Wyoming.

A late season snow storm struck Colorado’s Front Range Foothills. Up to 5 inches of snow fell at Coal Creek Canyon. Light snow also fell over western sections of Denver and briefly at the airport. Snow covered the grass at Lakewood before melting by mid-morning. Several temperature records were set. The high temperatures of 47° on this date and 49° on the 5th were low maximums for their respective dates. The minimum temperature of 34° on the 5th and 6th were record lows for the date.


Las Vegas, NV recorded a high temperature of 67°. This was the coldest high temperature ever recorded in June.


A rare June snow fell in Moscow, Russia, but warm ground temperatures prevented accumulation. This was the first June snowfall in Moscow since 1963.


Fairbanks, AK soared to 85°, just missing the record high of 86° set in 1993.


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