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Weather History: June 30: Record temps, storms, tornadoes, tropics & flooding

Meteorological events that happened on June 30th:


The first recorded tornado in Canadian history struck the Niagara Peninsula between Fonthill and Port Robinson, leveling some houses and uprooting trees between the communities.


A tornado hit Danvers, Salem, and Marblehead, MA. During this severe weather event, small fish fell on a street in Boston.


The second destructive hurricane in nine days hit the Apalachicola-Tallahassee area in the Florida Panhandle.


A huge fireball streaked across the sky during the early morning hours over Siberia. A huge explosion occurred in the air near the Stony Tunguska River. The explosion flattened trees for 40 miles around and killed wildlife, but no crater or meteorite fragments were ever found.


A late afternoon tornado in Regina, Saskatchewan became Canada's deadliest tornado when during three minutes of mayhem 40 people were killed, another 300 were injured and 500 buildings were destroyed leaving a quarter of the population homeless. The city didn't finish paying for the damage from this tornado until 1958.


Death Valley, CA recorded an amazing string of 40 months from 3/1/1931 to this date, with a total of only 0.64 inches of rain.


The temperature at Portland, OR hit 102°, an all-time record for that location.


Only 0.02 inches of rain fell at Central Park in New York City for its driest month on record.


A cloudy June came to an end in Sault Ste. Marie, MI. Not one clear day was observed during the month.


The entire state of Pennsylvania was declared a disaster area as a result of the catastrophic flooding caused by Hurricane Agnes, which claimed 48 lives, and caused $2.1 billion dollars damage.


Northern Ireland enjoyed its hottest day on record as the temperature reached 87° at Knockarevan.


Havre, MT measured a wind gust to 138 mph from a severe thunderstorm.


It was Tasmania Australia’s coldest night on record as the temperature dropped to 8.6° at Shannon.


Thunderstorms produced large hail and high winds in southwest South Dakota. During the afternoon hours hail up to the size of baseballs pounded Ellsworth Air Force base near Rapid City. 20 people were hurt at the Air Force Base as the hail broke over one thousand windows. Hail was 3 to 6 inches deep on the roads in Spearfish Canyon in the Black Hills and snowplows needed to be called out to clear the roads.

Today marked the end of the driest six months on record for the Athens, GA area since records began in 1845. The six month precipitation total at Athens was 11.23 inches compared to the normal of 27.33 inches. This also marked the end of the driest six months on record for Lynchburg, VA, with only 9.43 inches measured.

San Antonio, TX had their wettest June on record with 11.95 inches of rain besting the previous record of 10.44 inches set back in 1973.


Hot weather prevailed in the Pacific Northwest, with readings above 100° reported as far north as southern British Columbia. Yakima, WA reported a record high of 100°, while temperatures near the Washington coast hovered near 60° all day.

Thunderstorms prevailed from southwest Texas to New England. Thunderstorm winds gusting to 100 mph at Gettysburg, PA killed one person. High winds and large hail caused more than $5 million dollars damage to property and crops in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.


Thunderstorms in eastern Kansas drenched Worden with 12.21 inches of rain, and a wall of water 2 to 4 feet deep swept through Lone Star, KS flooding every home in the town. Up to 10 inches of rain was reported southeast of Callaway, NE. Thunderstorm winds gusted to 75 mph at Winfield, KS.

Many cities in the north central and northeastern U.S. reported record low temperatures for the date, including Duluth, MN: 36°, Madison, WI: 43°, Pittsburgh, PA: 46°, Williamsport, PA: 46°, Columbus, OH: 47°, Allentown, PA: 48°, Cleveland, OH: 48°, Dubuque, IA: 48°, Syracuse, NY: 48°, Harrisburg, PA: 49°, Atlantic City, NJ: 50°, Baltimore, MD: 52°, Philadelphia, PA: 52°, Islip, NY: 55° and NYC-Kennedy, NY: 56°.

The severe drought conditions that began over the area during the late winter months began taking a toll on the crops during the month. Crop damage in Iowa through the end of June indicated that about 20% of the corn crop and 15% of the soybean crop were destroyed, adding up to about $1.3 billion dollars in damage. Only 0.53 inches of rain fell in Sioux City during the month, producing the driest June on record for Sioux City. In Omaha, only 0.06 inches of rain fell through the 29th, ready to shatter the all-time driest June record, but nearly 1.50 inches of rain fell on the 30th.


Winnfield, LA reported 22.52 inches of rain in three days and 29.52 inches in six days from Tropical Storm Allison. Winnfield reported more than 30 inches of rain for the month, a record for June. Shreveport, LA received a record 17.11 inches in June, with a total for the first six months of the year of 45.55 inches. Thunderstorms also helped produce record rainfall totals for the month of June of 17.41 inches at Tallahassee, FL, 14.66 inches at Oklahoma City, OK, Clinton, OK with 13.46 inches, 13.12 inches at Birmingham, AL, Anadarko, OK with 10.98 inches, Waurika, OK with 10.77 inches, 9.97 inches at Lynchburg, VA, Ada, OK with 9.47 inches and more than 10.25 inches at Pittsburgh, PA. Pittsburgh had also experienced a record wet month of May. Oklahoma City, OK went on to have the wettest summer, months June through August, on record, with a total of more than 22 inches of rain.

3.9 inches of rain fell in less than two hours at Jewell, KS.

The worst tornado on record in Victoria, Australia, tracked 43 miles from Poolajeilo to Merino, stripping bare thousands of huge gum trees, killing sheep and cattle, flattening miles of fencing, and even burying some birds head-first into the ground.


Five inch diameter hailstones bombarded a spot near the town of Hathaway, MT.


399 tornadoes occurred across the U.S. during June. This set a new record for the greatest number of tornadoes in a single month up to that time (this record was broken in May 2003).


Across parts of South Dakota, June of 1993 was a cool and wet month. In Iowa, temperatures averaged nearly three degrees below normal while precipitation averaged 8.09 inches, which is 3.67 inches above normal. Le Mars was one of only two stations which recorded below normal rainfall for June of 1993, but still received 3.09 inches. Not too far away though, Estherville recorded its wettest month on record with an astounding 13.49 inches.

Mississippi River levels rose dramatically during the last half of the month. On the Upper Mississippi River basin near the Quad Cities, river levels rose above major flood levels which occurred in 1965 and 1973. Near Grafton, IL, dozens of buildings were damaged during the month.


El Paso, TX soared to 114° to break their all-time record high temperature, again. A record high of 113° was just set on the 27th and 28th of this month. China Lake Naval Air Station, CA hit 118° to set their all-time June record high.


Unusual cold and snowy conditions occurred in parts of South Africa for the entire month of June. Snow drifts up to 6 feet were reported south of Johannesburg. 21 people died.


Edmonton, Alberta Canada recorded 21 rainy days for the month of June, tying the record for the most wet days originally set in 1915 and tied again in 1980. In total, 4.97 inches of rain fell, compared to a normal amount of 3.14 inches.


Mount Baker, WA closed out a record snowfall season both for the United States and the verifiable world record as the seasonal total from July 1, 1998 to June 30, 1999 finished with 1,140 inches.

Boston, MA recorded only a trace of rain for the month, tying the record for its driest month ever.


Hot temperatures occurred across much of New Jersey. The heat caused I-80 to buckle near Parsippany, NJ.

A severe thunderstorm at 1am produced baseball size hail and 80 mph winds at Ashland, MT. The storm had tops up to 70,000 feet. There were many smashed windows and windshields and birds killed.


Tropical Storm Bill added to the second wettest June ever at New Orleans, LA by dropping over 4.50 inches of rain, bringing the monthly total to 17.37 inches. This was just shy of the all-time wettest June ever, which occurred in 2001, when 17.62 inches fell.

New York City, NY closed out the month with a record amount of rain for any June as 10.27 inches fell, nearly three times the normal monthly amount of 3.84 inches.


The temperature reached 98° at Denver, CO. This marked the 19th day in June with a maximum temperature of 90 degrees or more setting a new all-time record for the month.


The rainfall season ended as the driest on record for many locations of Orange County, the Inland Empire and the San Bernardino Mountains in southern California. In Big Bear Lake only 4.09 inches fell, 2.22 inches at Santa Ana and 1.71 inches at Riverside. In Thermal, only 0.17 inches fell, the lowest season on record.


Oklahoma City, OK recorded its 30th day in June with temperature above 90°, breaking the old mark for the month of 27 set a century ago in 1911. The month also set a new record of temperatures above 100°.


The temperature at Death Valley, CA hit 129°, setting an all-time record high for June. This also tied the U.S. record high for June with Volcano Springs, CA when they also hit 129° on 6/23/1902. Las Vegas, NV tied their all-time record high with 117° (7/24/1942 & 7/19/2005).

Tucson, AZ hit 100° or above every day during the month, the first time this has ever happened for any month.


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