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Weather History: June 21: Record temps, storms, wind, tornadoes, hail & tropics

Meteorological events that happened on June 21st:

Summer arrives in the northern hemisphere at 6:51am EDT.

Only one year: 1960 has failed to register a reading of 120° or higher at Death Valley, CA.


A hurricane, named, “El Temporal de Barreto” or “The Storm of Barreto”, generated a huge wave which carried off the coffin of a rich but hated count as he lay in state in his mansion near Havana, Cuba. The coffin and body were never seen again.


The summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire was snow covered on the solstice.


A destructive hurricane hit the Apalachicola – Tallahassee area of Florida on the summer solstice. Extensive damage was done in Florida and throughout the southeast by this storm. Damage was due mainly to extremely high tides.


Dodge City, KS and the Central Plains were in the midst of a blistering heat wave. The mercury soared to 106°. The heat wave would precede a three-year drought that severely affected all of the Central Plains. But in the Mississippi Valley, heavy rains were flooding the Mississippi River, causing it to swell to its highest level on record at New Orleans, LA.


The island of Nantucket off Cape Cod had its earliest 90 degree reading and the only one ever in June.


The hottest temperature ever recorded in Asia occurred as Tirat Tsvi, Israel soared to 129°.


A severe hailstorm at Wichita, KS and the surrounding area did $9 million worth of damage.


Between the hours of 6pm CST on this date and 2am CST on the 21st, a line of severe thunderstorms raced across the state of South Dakota at 60 mph. Winds with the storms exceeded 100 mph in some areas with winds over 60 mph quite common. Many barns, silos, and other farm buildings were destroyed. Many areas also received extensive hail damage with dime to golf ball size hail common and even a few areas were pounded with baseball size hail. At least, nine tornadoes and 11 separate funnel clouds were reported, although more likely occurred...they were probably obscured by darkness in the east and by blowing dust in the west. To that point in the state's history, the night's storms were likely the most damaging on record as they resulted in $10 to $15 million dollars in damage.


Hurricane Agnes had been downgraded to a tropical depression as she moved northward through Georgia and the Carolinas. On this date, the storm system emerged over the warm waters of the Atlantic and gained strength. The storm would make landfall again in southeastern New York on the 22nd and then stall over Pennsylvania on the 23rd. The wet storm system was expected to move out into the Atlantic Ocean, but it made an unexpected turn the next day and dumped unprecedented amounts of rain over the Susquehanna Valley.

Phoenix, AZ was drenched with 1.64 inches of rain into early on the 22nd to easily surpass their previous June rainfall record of 0.95 inches. The total for the month was 1.70 inches.


Severe thunderstorms brought high winds and large hail to parts of western and central Oklahoma. Winds gusted to 80 mph near Buffalo, and baseball-size hail pounded Weatherford and Colony. Winds exceeded 100 mph in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, taking down power lines throughout the city.


A tornado touched down in the Lockhart area near Horseshoe Lake, FL blowing the roof off one house and damaging at least six others. One resident reported hearing a

roaring sound lasting several seconds, then a big boom and trees started cracking. At least two other tornadoes were reported around the county as widespread severe thunderstorm activity moved across central Florida. Considerable tree damage and widespread power outages were reported. Orlando International Airport was closed for about 30 minutes during the height of a severe thunderstorm when landings and takeoffs were impossible. No injuries were reported. A tornado struck a mobile home park in southeastern Orange County damaging several carports. A third tornado struck a subdivision in northwestern Orange County causing only minor property damage. Another tornado was reported in

Broward County at Deerfield Beach knocking down trees and power lines. Winds to 60 mph were reported at Ft. Lauderdale Beach.


A tornado destroyed 57 mobile homes at the Chateam Estates trailer park northwest of Detroit, MI killing one person and injuring six others. Total damage was estimated at $1.7 million dollars. Thunderstorms over Lower Michigan also drenched the Saginaw Valley with up to 4.5 inches of rain in less than six hours.


The first full day of summer was a torrid one, with afternoon highs of 100° or above reported from the Northern and Central Plains to the Ohio Valley. 69 cities in the north central U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date. The high of 110° at Sioux Falls, SD was an all-time record for that location. Highs of 109° at Huron, SD, 108° at Sioux City, IA, 103° at Des Moines, IA, 102° at Fort Wayne, IN, and 101° at South Bend, IN were records for June. Austin, MN set their all-time record high with 100°. Other daily record highs included: Aberdeen, SD: 108°, Grand Island, NE: 107°, Lincoln, NE: 107°, Concordia, KS: 107°, Norfolk, NE: 106°, North Platte, NE: 106°, Bismarck, ND: 105°, Valentine, NE: 105°, Rapid City, SD: 103°, Richland Center, WI: 103°, Waterloo, IA: 103°, Elkader, IA: 103°, La Crosse, WI: 102°, Guttenberg, IA: 101°, Milwaukee, WI: 101°, Necedah, WI: 101°, Kansas City, MO: 101°, Chicago, IL: 101°, Moline, IL: 101°, Theilman, MN: 100°, Madison, WI: 100°, Scottsbluff, NE: 100°, Dubuque, IA: 100°, Cresco, IA: 100°, Oelwein, IA: 100°, Hillsboro, WI: 100°, Sparta, WI: 100°, Rockford, IL: 100°, Toledo, OH: 100°, Nashville, TN: 100°, Rochester, MN: 99°, St. Louis, MN: 99°, Peoria, IL: 99°, Evansville, IN: 99°, Paducah, KY: 99°, Green Bay, WI: 98°, Columbia, MO: 98°, Indianapolis, IN: 98°, Grand Rapids, MI: 98°, Lansing, MI: 98°, Columbus, OH: 98°, Dayton, OH: 98°, Louisville, KY: 98°, Lexington, KY: 97°, Waukon, IA: 96°, Mansfield, OH: 96°, Jackson, KY: 95° and Bristol, TN: 94°.


An unseasonably cold storm system dumped late season snow at elevations as low as 7,500 feet in the mountains and foothills west of Denver, CO. Six inches of snow fell at Conifer and 15 inches was reported on the summit of Mount Evans and in Wyoming, 18 inches was reported at Dickensen Park, west of Lander.

Heavy rain continued in the eastern U.S. Huntsville, AL reported a record 11.65 inches for the month, compared to the 0.17 inch rainfall total in June 1988.


A thunderstorm produced winds of 100 mph in Harrisburg, in southeast Illinois. Hundreds of trees were uprooted or snapped, with some of these trees as much as five feet in diameter. A few outbuildings were blown off their foundations. The damage path was from ¾ to 1 mile wide, and 4 to 5 miles long.

A nighttime severe storm plowed through central Moscow, Russia during the early morning hours, killing 10, injuring nearly 200 and causing over $150 million in damage. Traffic was snarled early Sunday due to widespread damage. The event also ignited tensions between the mayor's office and the Russian weather service.


A peak wind gust of 83 mph was reported in Lake Havasu City, AZ from thunderstorm outflow. These winds caused trees and transformers to be blown down and several houseboats were damaged as the strong winds pushed them ashore.


The mercury soared to 92° at Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory Canada. It was the hottest day in over 50 years, breaking the old record by 12°. In addition, the Airport doubled its longest stretch above 87° from 4 consecutive days to eight.

Reykjavik, Iceland is unusually warm as the mercury reached a high of 69°, well above June's average daily high of 54°.


A slow-moving, intense thunderstorm dumped as much as a foot of hail in southeastern areas of Colorado Springs, CO. The city used snowplows to clear the roads. Heavy rainfall associated with the storm flooded city streets with up to 4 feet of water, trapping dozens of motorists.


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