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Weather History: June 10: Record temps, tornadoes, storms, tropics & flooding

Meteorological events that happened on June 10th:


This is believed to be the date that Ben Franklin did his famous kite experiment during a thunderstorm to determine if lightning and electricity were related. Luckily, he lived to tell of the results.


A severe frost blackened fields of beans and cucumbers from Virginia to New England. In some areas in New England, trees remained leafless well into June due to the long and cold spring. Four days of snowfall piled up to 12 inches deep at Quebec City, Quebec. This was the beginning of the “Year Without a Summer”.


A tornado 660 feet in width leveled everything in its path at Listowel, Ontario Canada. It lifted a man and carried him. He saved himself by grabbing a bridge as he passed.


A tornado touched down a few miles east of Canton and moved through Kingston Mines, IL. Two people were killed near Canton, but much of the damage occurred in the Kingston Mines area, where 16 homes were destroyed. 20 men and 18 engines were buried in the roundhouse there. Eight people were killed further east, when buildings were destroyed by strong winds.


The first radiosonde was sent up by French Meteorologists.


A dust devil at North Yarmouth, ME lifted a 600 to 1000 pound chicken shelter into the air and carried it 25 feet. It landed upright with only slight damage. It is unknown whether any eggs were scrambled.


A woman was sucked through the window of her home in El Dorado, KS by a powerful tornado, and was carried 60 feet away. Beside her was found a broken phonograph record entitled "Stormy Weather".


Severe thunderstorms raked across northern Illinois bringing heavy rain, strong winds and hail. Many homes reported disrupted power and telephone service. One person was killed by lightning and another was electrocuted in his flooded basement. Heavy rains brought widespread flooding to the northwest suburbs where the water was four feet deep in places. Chicago, IL ended up with 2.94 inches of rain while Rockford, IL had 3.32 inches, both setting daily records.

A tornado touched down in rural areas near Hammon, OK. A woman and four children were killed on a farmstead several miles east of Hammon. The storm was accompanied by hail 3 to 4 inches in diameter. Total damage from the tornado and the hail was over a quarter million dollars. The tornado was one of at least a dozen that occurred across western and central Oklahoma on this day.

3.40 inches of rain fell in just one hour at Fergus, Ontario Canada.


Record chill invaded parts of the upper Midwest. Locations that reported record low June temperatures for the date included: Jump River, WI: 23°, Blair, WI: 28°, Owen, WI: 28°, Alma, WI: 38°, Genoa, WI: 38°, Trempealeau, WI: 38° and Lynxville, WI: 40°.


Palm Springs, CA dropped to 44° establishing their lowest temperature for June.


A short-lived, but intense, thunderstorm did tremendous damage at Ellsworth Air Force Base near Rapid City, SD. The storm which lasted for one-half hour produced large amounts of hail up to walnut size. The storm broke over 2,000 windows at Ellsworth AFB, as well as, damaging many vehicles.


The high of 114° tied the all-time high at Liberal, KS.


Severe thunderstorms struck much of western north Texas. The Wichita Falls area was hardest hit, as winds more than 80 mph combined with one-inch hail, and caused extensive damage in the city. Torrential rain, up to nearly five inches in some places, caused both Holliday and McGrath Creeks to flood.

Thunderstorms brought over two inches of rain to much of the central part of the Nebraska panhandle, with Kimball recording 2.52 inches.


Thunderstorms produced 2 to 4 inch rains in southern Texas. 2.5 inches of rain at Juno, TX caused flooding and closed a nearby highway. Flooding on the northwest side of San Antonio claimed one life as a boy was swept into a culvert.

Thunderstorms in the north central U.S. produced 1.5 inches of small hail at Monida Pass, MT.


Many cities, mostly in the eastern U.S., reported record low temperatures for the date, including Elkins, WV with a reading of 33°.

Unseasonably hot weather continued in the Northern Plains Region. The record high of 105° at Williston, ND was their seventh in eight days.


Thunderstorms produced severe weather through the day and night across much of the southern half of the Great Plains Region. Thunderstorms spawned 14 tornadoes, and there were 142 reports of large hail and damaging winds. Hail three inches in diameter caused $3 million dollars damage at Carlsbad, NM. Hail four inches in diameter was reported at Estelline and Stinnett, TX. Thunderstorm winds gusted to 80 mph at Odessa, TX.


0.82 inches of rain was recorded at McCarran International Airport at Las Vegas, NV. This was the greatest official rainfall amount recorded in Las Vegas in June. A 25-year-old woman drowned after her car is swept into a flood channel, and a 19-year-old man drowned in Green Valley, where he was swept into a manhole during a storm that dropped 1.57 inches of rain in an hour.


The temperature at Yakutat, AK soared to 87°, their hottest temperature ever.


Many cars were afloat during the early morning hours in the southern suburbs of Miami, FL. Many intersections were covered by two feet of water and water was waist deep in other locations. Rainfall amounts included: 9.83 inches at Homestead, FL and 6.99 inches at the Tamiami Airport.

Flash flooding occurred in many locations in Mississippi. In Monticello, many roads were flooded. One road has as much as two and a half feet of water over it. Several streets in West Jackson were under water. Highway 80 and many other streets were flooded in and around Vicksburg. Six homes were flooded in Canton. Many roads and streets were flooded. One person’s car was engulfed by water, but the person was rescued. This event caused $300,000 dollars in property damages. Over 6 inches of rain fell in Lexington in a little over 3 hours. The heavy rain caused Bear creek to over flow and flood much of the town of Lexington. 45 businesses were affected by the flooding and 30 of these suffered major losses. As many as 300 homes had water damage. This event caused $10 million dollars in property damages. Portions of Jones County experienced flash flooding as 3 inches of rain fell in just 1.5 hours over saturated ground.


Thunderstorm winds blew the roof off a hanger at the Dodge City, KS airport. A wind gust to 96 mph was recorded by a backup wind system.


When the second tropical depression of the Atlantic hurricane season formed about 1,200 miles east of the Leeward Islands, it marked only the third time since 1967 that a on had formed in the eastern Atlantic in the month of June.

A tornado raced through the village of Acht, Germany causing extensive damage to buildings and trees.


A rare tornado tore across Leyte and Samar islands in the Central Philippines destroying 900 homes and killing at least two people. A dozen residents of the coastal town of Dulag on Leyte Island were reported missing.


Runoff from excessive rainfall over the previous week led to record flooding along the Embarras River at Ste Marie and Lawrenceville, IL. A number of levee breeches occurred between the 8th and 10th along the Embarras and Wabash Rivers. In Lawrence County, 75 square miles were flooded as a result. In Lawrenceville, 158 homes were flooded in the first floor living area, with 48 others having basement flooding, and 8 businesses had in excess of 5 feet of water inside.


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