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Weather History: July 30: Record temps, storms, tropics, tornadoes & flooding

Listed are Meteorological events that happened on July 30th:


Fresno, CA recorded their 28th 100 degree or higher day for the month setting a record for the most triple digit high temperatures ever in July. This record was tied in July 1931.


Offshore winds negate the cooling effect of Lake Michigan as Muskegon hits 99° for its all-time record high temperature. Temperatures are actually a bit lower inland as Grand Rapids was 96° and Lansing 92°. Bloomington, IN soared to a record high of 108°.


The high temperature reached 100° at San Diego, CA to establish the month’s hottest reading. It is also the only time in July the temperature has reached 100°.


Bakersfield, CA managed an afternoon high of only 67°, their lowest maximum temperature on record for July and the low of 45° is the record coldest low minimum for July at that location. This is also the only time the temperature has dropped below 50° in July at Bakersfield.


The temperature at Portland, OR reached 107° to equal their all-time record high.


Hurricane Celia was born in the northwest Caribbean Sea. The hurricane would be one of the worst ever to hit Texas.


Tropical Storm Amelia moved inland on the Texas coast north of Brownsville, TX and moved northward into Texas. The storm would not be known for damage along the coast, but rather for extensive flooding that it caused in the Texas Hill Country and in the Big Bend Area near Abilene, TX.

A tornado, at Yellowknife, Northwest Territories Canada, the 3rd reported in the previous 16 years, toppled a tower. Skipping across the countryside, it ripped up a transmission tower at Rae-Edzo over 3 miles away.


A 40-minute hailstorm bombed Fort Collins, CO with baseball to softball size hail. 2,000 homes and 2,500 automobiles were damaged, and 25 people were injured, mainly when hit on the head by the huge stones.


4.22 inches of rain fell in Amarillo, TX setting a 24-hour July record.


Afternoon highs of 105° at Aberdeen, SD, 102° at Bismarck, ND, and 102° at Pueblo CO, were records for the date. Pueblo, CO reported just 0.09 inch of rain for the first 30 days of the month.


A dozen cities in the north central and northeastern U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date. Downtown Baltimore, MD hit 103°, marking a record 8 days of 100° heat for the month, and 10 for the year. The high of 101° at Billings, MT marked a record 17 days of 100° heat for the year. Theilman, MN set their all-time July high temperature record with 103°.

Thunderstorms produced severe weather in the northeast, with nearly 50 reports of large hail or damaging winds in Pennsylvania and New York State. A tree fell on a car at Erie, PA injuring 4 people.


Morning thunderstorms over central Missouri deluged Columbia with 5.98 inches of rain causing flash flooding. Daytime thunderstorms in Kentucky drenched Paducah with 1.73 inches of rain in less than 30 minutes. Evening thunderstorms in the north central U.S. produced wind gusts to 78 mph east of Moccasin, MT.


Numerous funnel clouds and waterspouts occurred across the southern Chesapeake Bay as well as over the Atlantic east of Virginia Beach and into northeastern North Carolina. Two waterspouts moved onshore in northern Virginia Beach, while one tracked into Navy Norfolk. No damage was reported.

Tropical rains that began the previous evening deluged Hilo, Hawaii. A total of 7.18 inches of rain fell in 30 hours.


An intense heat wave began across the Midwest on the 28th and continued through the 31st. The heat peaked on this date with high temperatures in the Chicago area over 100 with heat indicies between 115° and 120°. Early morning, Chicago set their all-time highest dewpoint reading of 82° at Midway Airport. There were a total of 99 fatalities with the majority in Cook County. The overnight low of 77° at Rockford, IL set a record high minimum.


The temperature hit 101° at Denver, CO setting a new record high for the date. This was also the 7th day of the month with a high temperature of 100 or higher, which set a new record for the most 100 degree days in a month, for a season and in a year.


Heavy rains from the remnants of Hurricane Dolly drench section of Missouri. Total rainfall amounts included 3.05 inches at Lees Summit; 2.78 inches at Kansas City; MO and 1.63 inches at St. Louis, MO.


Chicago's streak of above 80° days finally ended at 29 days, their longest such streak.

Joensuu, Finland reported their hottest day on record as the temperature soared to 99°.


Russia had its hottest temperature on record at a regular synoptic reporting station when the mercury hit 111.7° at Divnoe in Russia's Kalmykia Republic.


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