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Weather History: July 26: Record temps, tornadoes, storms, wind & flooding

Meteorological events that happened on July 26th:

July 26th is Hurricane Supplication Day on the island of St. Croix in the Virgin Islands. Residents pray for protection from the monstrous storms on this date.


Twin cloudbursts of 15 inches of torrential rain struck almost simultaneously at Catskill, NY and Westfield, MA. Flash flooding resulted in enormous erosion.


A 30 minute cloud burst over Pittsburgh, PA caused flash flooding which killed more than 133 people.


A windstorm, possibly a tornado, ripped through Erie, PA killing 134 people and causing $500,000 dollars damage.


A powerful F3 tornado raked Lawrence, MA at 9:10am over its 11 mile trek, killing eight people and injuring 63 others. The storm destroyed 35 homes and damaged 60 others. Storms of this strength and occurring at this early hour are very rare in New England.


Jewell, MD received 14.75 inches of rain; a 24-hour rainfall record for Maryland.


On the summit of Mt. Wellenkuppe, in Switzerland, the temperature reached 100° by 10 am. The summit has an elevation of 12,830 feet and was covered in snow.


Tishomingo, OK baked in the heat as the mercury soared to 121°. This temperature went down in the record books as the hottest temperature for the state of Oklahoma.


One of the wettest 24 hour periods on record in Japan ended on this date as 43.70 inches fell at Saigo in the Nagasaki prefecture in the northwestern part of the southern Japanese island Kyushu. This area is prone to very heavy rain, and during the 24 hour period several stations registered more than 30 inches.


Sydney, Australia's second longest dry spell on record came to an end. This dry spell lasted 34 days starting on June 23. Normally, 5.11 inches of rain falls in June and 3.90 inches in July.


Canadian high pressure brought record cold temperatures to parts of the Great Lakes region. Record lows included: Madison, WI: 46°, Muskegon, MI: 46°, Green Bay, WI: 47°, Flint, MI: 48, Toledo, OH: 50°, Detroit, MI: 50° and Springfield, IL: 52°.


The record maximum 24 hour precipitation record for the United States and Texas was set as 43.03 inches of rain fell at Alvin courtesy of Tropical Storm Claudette.


Strong thunderstorms hit north central South Dakota. One of these storms was a very efficient rain producer as it dumped 2.25 inches of rain in 10 minutes near McLaughlin. Strong thunderstorm winds did damage near Mitchell on that same day. The strong winds destroyed a barn, a roof, and windmill in the Mitchell area.


Thunderstorms developing along a cold front produced hail two inches in diameter in McHenry County, IL, and wind gusts to 70 mph at Auburn, ME. A wind gust of 90 mph was recorded at Blairstown, NJ before the anemometer broke. The high winds were associated with a small tornado.

The record high of 88° at Beckley, WV was their 6th in a row.


Thunderstorms produced large hail and damaging winds in the Mid-Atlantic Coast Region, and in the south central U.S.

Several cities in the northwestern and north central and northwestern U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date including Salem, OR with 103°.


Morning thunderstorms produced heavy rain in southeastern Texas, with more than three inches reported at the Wildlife Refuge in southwestern Chambers County. Evening thunderstorms produced severe weather in Montana, with wind gusts to 62 mph reported at Helena.

Several cities from Maine to Minnesota reported record high temperatures for the date, including Newark, NJ with 99°.


The Great Mississippi River Flood of 1993: Rising water stopped all rail traffic through Kansas City, MO.

A tornado moved along a 4 mile track across parts of northwest Scottsbluff, NE. The tornado destroyed a furniture store and about 8 homes, with about $3 million dollars in damage.

Pueblo, CO set a record low of 52° and a record high of 101°.


A line of thunderstorms developed in Iowa and pushed southward into northwest Missouri. The early storms produced large hail in the northwest corner of Missouri. Wind gusts in excess of 70 mph and widespread wind damage occurred from the St. Joseph area southward to the Kansas City metro and other locations in west central Missouri. The highway department reported downed trees up to 4 feet in diameter, and a tree blown down onto a car. A 90-foot flagpole was broken. A building under construction in an industrial park sustained over $1 million dollars in damage.


Up to 8 inches of rain fell in about 3 to 4 hours across Copiah County, Mississippi. Many roads were flooded, and several residences and businesses sustained water damage. One culvert under a road was completely washed out by flood waters. Various portions of Rankin County had significant flooding. In Pearl, at least three homes were flooded and water covered a number of roads. Several roads had to be closed. Several cars became nearly submerged by the flood waters. Flooding also caused road closures in the Florence and Flowood areas. Water also covered several roads and came over the top of drainage ditches in portions of Brandon where up to six inches of rain fell in a few hours.


Several record low temperatures were set across the south-central Plains. Gage, OK dropped to 48°, breaking their record low by nine degrees. Ponca City, OK dropped to 56°, breaking a record by 5 degrees, while Hobart, OK dropped to 58°, breaking their record by seven degrees. Wichita Falls, TX broke a record that stood for 80 years, with a low temperature of 63°, and Oklahoma City, OK tied a record standing 93 years, by registering the same temperature of 63°.


Tens of thousands of people were stranded as 37.1 inches of rain fell in one day in suburban Bombay, India. The heaviest rainfall ever recorded in India shut down the financial hub snapped communication lines and closed airports.


The low temperature for the day at Death Valley National Park, CA bottomed out at 104°. The day's high was 116°.

Fresno, CA recorded their 5th straight night with a minimum temperature of 80° or better. This is their longest such streak on record.


Since June 12th, San Antonio registered 31 days with temperatures of 100° or higher. Across the Rio Grande Valley, extreme heat in McAllen this month has been staggering with 20 days of record-setting high temperatures. This day made it the 11th day in a row that new record highs were set.


A rare tornado ripped through a Montana farmhouse about 13 miles west of Reserve in Sheridan County killing two people inside, leaving nothing but the house's foundation and a few twisted vehicles. The EF3 tornado was one of the most powerful the state has ever seen and the deadliest since 1923.


Residents of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island Canada saw a rare funnel cloud.


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