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Weather History: July 22: Record temps, storms, wind, dust, tropics & flooding

Listed are Meteorological events that happened on July 22nd:


A single bolt of lightning struck 504 sheep dead in their tracks at the Wasatch National Forest in Utah. Sheep often herd together in storms, and as a result the shock from the lightning bolt was passed from one animal to another.


A powerful tornado destroyed farm property near Alameda, Saskatchewan Canada. The winds reportedly stripped the hair off 16 horses and tossed a 1,984 lb stallion about 1,000 yards.


Troy recorded New York's hottest temperature ever as the mercury soared to 108°. It was also 105° at Waterbury to establish the state record high for Connecticut at that time. This record was broken on 7/15/1995.


Las Vegas, NV was plagued by power outages, flooded streets, skidding autos and screaming sirens as thunderstorms hit the city and surrounding areas. The heavy downpour covered the entire Las Vegas Valley. Power outages hit various sections of the city as lines were blown down by strong winds. Las Vegas residents became alarmed when air raid sirens atop the County Courthouse began blaring away at the height of the storm. The siren was touched off by a short circuit in the alarm system caused by the rain.


Two one-hundredths of an inch of rain was recorded ending a streak of 150 days with no measurable precipitation at Las Vegas, NV.


Minnesota registered their record maximum 24 hour precipitation as 10.84 inches of rain fell at Fort Ripley.


Laramie, WY equaled their record warmest temperature on record with 94° (8/5/1979 and 6/23/1954).


Hurricane Estelle passed 120 miles south of the Hawaiian Islands creating surf up to 20 feet high. The large swells resulted from a combination of high tides, a full moon, and 50 mph winds. The hurricane also deluged Oahu Island with as much as 6.86 inches of rain on the 24th and 25th.


Barrow AK received 1.38 inches of rain in 24 hours ending on this date, an all-time record for that location. Their average annual precipitation is just 4.75 inches.

Thunderstorms in Montana produced 4 to 6 inches of rain in Glacier County causing extensive flooding along Divide Creek. Missoula, MT received 1.71 inches of rain in 24 hours, a record for the month of July.


Several cities in the south central U.S. reported record low temperatures for the date, including Pueblo, CO with a reading of 48°.

Thunderstorms over the Atlantic Coast Region drenched Wilmington, NC with 6.49 inches of rain in about 8 hours.

Dust devils are not a unique phenomenon, but usually they stay extremely small. This was not the case in Dickinson County, Iowa where a very strong dust devil developed on the edge of Lake Okoboji. It picked up whole sections of several docks and swept away all of the loose dirt in the area. Winds were estimated in excess of 60 mph.


Showers and thunderstorms prevailed across the southeastern third of the country. Afternoon thunderstorms in Florida produced wind gusts to 86 mph at Zephyrhills, and gusts to 92 mph at Carrollwood and Lutz. Thunderstorm winds gusting to 69 mph at Crystal Lake damaged 19 mobile homes.


A major heat wave with humidity, in some ways unprecedented, hit Southern California. It was 121° in Palm Springs, 120° at Indio and Thermal, 114° at Ontario and 113° at El Cajon. It was 112° at Escondido and 109° in La Mesa; both were record highs.


Over 2.2 inches of monsoon rains fell across parts of southwestern Pakistan over a four-day period; the resulting flooding took 50 lives and thousands of homes.


Numerous high temperature records were broken as far north as Maine. Newark, NJ hit 108° while Baltimore, MD hit 106°; missing their all-time record high by one degree.


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