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Weather History: February 25: Record temps, storms, waterspouts, wind & snow

Meteorological events that happened on February 25th:


South Carolina's observed its largest modern snowfall with 18 inches at Society Hill.


Downtown Los Angeles, CA set their all-time record high for February with 92°.


The maximum temperature for the date is 84° in Washington, D.C. Washington's warmest February day. Philadelphia, PA also recorded their warmest February day with 79°.


An outbreak of six tornadoes killed nineteen in Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. Hardest hit was Bowden, GA and Shady Grove, AL. One home in Lauderdale County, MS was picked up, thrown 400 feet and blown to bits. Six family members were killed in the house.

Behind the storm, Big Falls, MN started the day at -46°.


One of Britain's worst winter months was enhanced by a low of -5.8° at Woburn, Bedfordshire, Great Britain.


The temperature soared to 66° at Fargo, ND, setting a new all-time record for February.


The snowiest day on record occurred at Toronto's Pearson International Airport, Canada that measured 15.7 inches.


Dust reduced visibilities from eastern Virginia through the southeastern states to Florida between the 24th and the 28th. The dust originated in the western Great Plains on the 22nd and 23rd, with wind gusts above 100 mph reported at Guadalupe Pass, TX, at White Sands NM, in Sherman County, Kansas and across parts of eastern Colorado.


Low pressure in Nevada produced snow from the southwestern U.S. to the Dakotas. Snowfall totals in Arizona ranged up to 82 inches at Alpine. Flagstaff, AZ reported 23 inches of snow in 24 hours. Other heavier snowfall totals included 20 inches at Daggett, NV, 24 inches at Brian Head, UT, 24 inches at Red Lodge, MT, and 26 inches at Angel Fire, NM. Snow at Los Alamos, NM pushed their snowfall total for the winter past their previous record of 123.5 inches. The Lakes neighborhood in Las Vegas, NV saw 2 inches. Laughlin, NV saw a brief period of snow but did not accumulate.

Across southern California, several funnel clouds and waterspouts around San Diego County. Waterspouts damaged many boats in Coronado harbors. One waterspout picked up a dropped a 30 foot, 5 ton cabin cruiser.


Overnight snow squalls in the Lower Great Lakes Region buried Pulaski, NY under 17 inches of snow. Sunny and mild weather prevailed across the rest of the nation. Havre, MT reported a record high of 66°.


Many cities in Florida reported record low temperatures for the date, including Jacksonville with a reading of 24°. Severe cold in Florida claimed three lives, and resulted in $250 to $300 million dollars in crop damage. Meanwhile, unseasonably warm weather prevailed across the central U.S. Dodge City, KS reported record high of 80°.


Snow spread across the northeastern U.S. Massachusetts was blanketed with 8 to 15 inches of snow, 5 to 10 inches was reported in Rhode Island, and totals in Connecticut ranged up to 10.5 inches at New Canaan. In central New York State, snow and high winds resulted in a number of chain-reaction multiple accidents, and a total of 108 people were injured. Snow and high winds created white-out conditions along Interstate 87 in Saratoga County, New York.

Subzero cold was reported from Minnesota through Michigan to northern New England. Duluth, MN reported a record low of -26°.


The third record snowstorm plagues parts of the Middle East with snow drifts up to 16 feet in Lebanon and 6 feet in parts of Jordan, their the worst ever. A foot fell across part of northwestern Saudi Arabia.


More snowfall records fell in the great snow season of 1992-93. Pocatello, ID set their seasonal snowfall record on this date with a total of 85.7 inches. Evansville, IN set their new monthly snowfall record. The 12.7 inches of snow in twenty four hours at Columbia, MO set a new February snowfall record for the location.


Seven people died and several were injured as severe winter storms swept across Britain. The hardest-hit areas were on the south coast, from Kent to Cornwall. Cross-channel ferry services were severely disrupted by the high winds and roiling seas.


A rare snowfall brought smiles and fun to Jerusalem, an area besieged by conflict. For a day, differences were forgotten as Israelis and Palestinians battled not with rocks and guns, but with snowballs. Nearly a foot of slushy snow fell on the city. Snow, sleet and rain was also reported in parts of Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

Race Four of the America's Cup was cancelled for the sixth consecutive time because of weather. The first five cancellations were because of calm winds. The most recent cancellation was because of strong winds. A strong storm system caused forty knot winds in Auckland where the competition was being held. The Swiss team Alinghi held a commanding 4-0 and accused the New Zealanders of being afraid to race them.


On this date through the 26th, a potent snow hit southern California bringing rains and higher elevations snow. Some of the snowfall totals included: 24.5” at Wrightwood, 24” at Forest Falls, 23” at Mt. Laguna, 21” at Lake Arrowhead, 20.75” at Pine Cove, 16” at Palomar Mountain and 15 at Idyllwild. Snow levels were down as low as 1,000 feet as the towns of Jamul and Ramona reported close to a half an inch.


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