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Weather History: February 14: Record temps, storms, hail, snow, wind & ice

Meteorological events that happened on February 14th:


One of the Deep South's greatest snowstorms took place with the following reported snow totals: Rayne, LA: 24 inches, Galveston, TX: 15 inches and 8.2 inches at New Orleans, LA.


A great blizzard struck the eastern U.S. Washington D.C. received 20.5 inches of snow to bring their total snow depth to nearly three feet. The storm produced 36 inches of snow at Cape May NJ.


An unusual strong thunderstorm produced hail six inches deep on Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas.


A "Saint Valentine's Day Blizzard" hit the northeastern U.S. Up to a foot and a half of snow blanketed southern New England, and whole gales accompanied the heavy snow stranding many in downtown Boston.


The Weather Bureau commissioned its first weather radar at Washington, D.C. The radar network would only grow slowly over the next few years, but eventually would become the backbone of the National Weather Service's warning system.


Late afternoon heavy snows began on Valentine's Day in Boise, ID and by 5:00 am the following morning, 14 new inches of snow had fallen.


A winter storm brought frozen precipitation and high winds to eastern Colorado, knocking out power to thousands of people, some for more than a week. The ice accumulated to a thickness of five inches in some locations.


NASA launched the "Solar Max" satellite. Able to measure day to day variations in the output of the sun, the satellite was invaluable in climate change research.


A powerful storm spawned severe thunderstorms in Texas and Oklahoma, and produced heavy snow in the Rocky Mountain Region. Snowfall totals in Colorado ranged up to 27 inches at Telluride. Straight line winds gusting to 104 mph howled through Guadalupe Pass in West Texas.


Strong northerly winds ushered arctic air into the north central U.S. Snow and high winds created blizzard conditions in Minnesota and the Dakotas. Winds gusted to 65 mph at Cody WY and 56 mph at Rapid City SD.

On this day through the 16th, a blizzard dumped 8 inches of snow at Iqaluit, Northwest Territories in Canada. Gusty winds exceeding 50 mph produced drifting that reached second story windows.


While "Valentine's Day" was a soggy one in the Ohio Valley and the Tennessee Valley, unseasonably warm weather prevailed in the southeastern U.S. Many cities reported record high temperatures for the date as readings warmed into the 70s and 80s.


Valentine's Day was a snowy one for many parts of the western and central U.S. Five to ten inches of snow fell across Iowa, and 6 to 12 inches of snow blanketed northern Illinois, and strong northeasterly winds accompanied the heavy snow. Air traffic came to a halt during the evening at O'Hare Airport in Chicago, where 9.7 inches of snow was reported. More than 250 traffic accidents were reported around Des Moines IA during the evening rush hour. One and three-quarter inches of freezing rain fell in Champaign. $12 million dollars in damage was reported in Champaign County with extensive damage to trees and power lines. Power was out in many areas for several days.

A glaze an inch thick accumulated in Fort Wayne, IN. A combination of freezing rain and sleet piled ice over four inches deep in South Bend.


One snowboarder died and others narrowly escaped injury after being caught in a massive avalanche on Mount Baker in northwestern Washington.


Valentine's Day was white as Dallas, TX saw 3 inches of snow wreaked havoc with travel. The greatest snowfall since 1978 caused numerous traffic accidents, power outages and flight cancellations at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

On this day through the 15th, parts of Jordan received as much as 2 feet of snow that forced the closure of the Jordanian parliament in Amman where snowmen lined the streets.

Temperatures reached 111.7° at Adelaide, Australia during a heat wave that saw the city's longest spell of maximum temperatures above 86° on record. This was the hottest February day on record there, and their 3rd hottest day recorded.


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