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Weather History: August 7: Record temps, storms, snow, tropics & flooding

Meteorological events that happened on August 7th:


A tornado uprooted trees, tore off the roof of several barns and killed one person at Galt, Ontario Canada. It was Canada's first reported tornado fatality.


A flash flood near Pueblo, CO washed a train from the tracks killing 89 passengers. A bridge, weakened by the floodwaters sweeping through the valley below, gave way under the weight of the train dashing all but the sleeping cars into the torrent drowning the occupants. Rail service was frequently interrupted in the Rocky Mountain Region and southwestern U.S. that summer due to numerous heavy downpours which washed out the railroad beds delaying trains as much as five days.


Philadelphia, PA established an all-time record with a high of 106°. New York City, NY experienced its warmest day and night with a low of 82° and a high of 102°. Afternoon highs of 108° at Flemington and Somerville, NJ established state records for the month of August.


A tornado causing F4 damage moved southeast from south of Osseo, WI to Black River Falls, WI. One person was killed as a home was leveled and a boy was killed running to the storm cellar near the start of the path. Two people died as farm homes were swept away near the northeast edge of Black River Falls. Damage totaled $200,000 dollars as 50 farms were hit and buildings were unroofed in the town of Northfield. The tornado followed the present route of Interstate 94.


This was the hottest day on record for Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada as the temperature soared to 105°.


During the late afternoon and evening hours numerous severe thunderstorms developed across eastern South Dakota, but the most powerful storm moved through the Huron area. Wind gusts of an incredible 115 mph swept through the area. The force of the winds blew over a radio tower and also did major damage to area roofs and houses. Not only were the winds very strong, but hail up to the size of softballs pounded the area and four funnel clouds were sighted.


Cuba's hottest day on record occurred as Guantánamo hit 101.5°.


Three different hailstorms struck Spearfish, SD in the same afternoon. One produced baseball size hail and the other two produced hailstones to golf ball size.


Hurricane Allen bottomed out at 899 millibars (26.55 inches) while moving through the Yucatan Channel in the southeastern part of the Gulf of Mexico. This was the second lowest pressure ever recorded in the western hemisphere up to that time. Allen's winds at the time were sustained at 190 mph.

5 to 7 inches of rain fell across the North Concho River north of San Angelo, TX causing the River to rise 15 feet and nearly sweeping away several campers.


Sheridan, WY hit 106°, their all-time record high for August.

Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada reached an all-time record high of 104.5°.

An unusual westward moving cyclone crossed India to the Arabian Peninsula. Indian butterflies never seen before miraculously appeared a few days later in Abu Dhabi and Oman after being blown 625 miles by the storm.


El Paso, TX normally receives 1.21 inches of rain in August. They got it in 45 minutes, with an additional four more inches during a storm which left Downtown El Paso under five feet of water.


A rare outbreak of seven tornadoes occurred in New England. The tornado at Bedford, MA ruined at least three airplanes at Hanscom Field but resulted in no injuries.

An F2 tornado carved its way through Cranston and Providence, RI causing 20 injuries and damage in the millions of dollars. Rhode Island had not reported a tornado in 12 years, and three touched down in 24 hours.


A dozen cities in the central U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date, including Waco, TX with a reading of 107°, Dallas (DFW), TX: 106°, Lincoln, NE: 104° and Omaha, NE: 101°. The record high of 88° at Marquette, MI was their 23rd of the year.


40 cities in the central U.S. reported record low temperatures for the date, including Valentine, NE with a reading of 40°, and Belcourt, ND with a low of 37°. Martin, SD was the cold spot in the nation with a morning low of 30°. Other record lows included: Lincoln, NE: 44, Rapid City, SD: 45, Grand Island, NE: 46, Norfolk, NE: 46, North Platte, NE: 46, Dubuque, IA: 46, Waterloo, IA: 46, Sioux City, IA: 47, Des Moines, IA: 48, Topeka, KS: 49, Omaha, NE: 50, Kansas City, MO: 50 and Concordia, KS: 50.
Unseasonably hot weather prevailed over Florida and Washington State, with record highs of 103° at Hanford, WA, 101° at Walla Walla, WA, 100° at Daytona Beach, FL, 98° at Vero Beach, FL and 97° at West Palm Beach, FL.

Phoenix, AZ recorded 62 consecutive days above 100 degrees, breaking the previous 61 day record.


A thunderstorm moved through Nome, AK around 1pm local time. This may not sound unusual but this storm was the 9th thunderstorm of the year to hit Nome. Up to this point more thunderstorms had hit Nome in the past two months than the previous 20 years combined.


Norfolk, VA measured 0.69 inches of rain in 12 minutes.


The Great Mississippi River Flood of 1993 continued. The main flood crest reached Cairo, IL where the river is joined by the Ohio River. No serious flooding will occur further south because the river becomes wider and deeper.


Humid and unstable air moved over Iowa in advance of a cold front during the afternoon. Two complexes of thunderstorms developed over southern Minnesota and north central Nebraska. The two complexes then slowly merged with each other in time. Large hail and high winds were common in southeast South Dakota and northwest Iowa with hail ranging in size from dimes to golf balls. In Cherokee County, hail damage was reported to many cars in the city of Cherokee by hail two inches in diameter. About 150 cars and 100 homes were damaged by the hail. A tornado also touched down northwest of Sibley in Osceola County, damaging several buildings at a farmstead. At the same time, a car was lifted and thrown 50 feet. Woodbury and Monona Counties were hard hit with high winds, with many winds reported at 60 to 65 mph. Window, tree and power line damage was widespread in these two counties. The Mapleton area in Monona County was particularly hard hit where a roof was blown off of a car dealership and another roof caved in at an apartment building.

Severe thunderstorms struck much of the southern two-thirds of Oklahoma and parts of western north Texas. The costliest damage was at Prague, in Lincoln County, where 90 mph winds were reported, resulting in more than $1 million in damages. Most of that total was due to the damages sustained by the high school. Part of the school's roof was ripped off and extensive water damage resulted. Another storm struck Thackerville, in Love County, where lightning struck a power pole, traveled through a line to a school, and started a fire that destroyed the school. Hail the size of dimes and quarters was very common across Oklahoma that day, and hail up to golf ball-size fell in Clay and Archer Counties of north Texas.


Torrential rains from a line of severe evening thunderstorms pushed flash flooding through Mississauga, Ontario. Floodwaters were up to four feet in some places.

The Netherlands recorded one of their hottest days on record. The temperature reached 100° in Arcen.


Skaftafell recorded Iceland’s hottest August day on record as the temperature soared to 84.4°.


The Canefield Airport on the Caribbean island of Dominica set their all-time high temperature with 95.7°.


A tornado spun off the southwest Australian coast during the night and moved inland to the town of Australind, ripping up trees and smashing roofs. The funnel destroyed seven homes and damaged more than 50 others.


On this date through the 9th, As much as 100 inches of rain fell on the island of Taiwan as Typhoon Morakot inundated the island nation. The flooding was the worst in years and blamed for at least 67 deaths.


Snow fell at Pretoria and Johannesburg, South Africa while heavy snowfall in the eastern mountainous areas disrupted power for about 70,000 residents and closed roads and passes at higher levels.


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