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Weather History: April 15: Record temps, storms, snow, wind, floods & Titanic

Listed are Meteorological events that happened on April 15:


The Great Pacques Storm raged for four days in New Jersey. 24 inches of snow fell in the hills with 6 inches on the 15th and 17th at New York City. 18 vessels were wrecked on the Jersey shore.


An early season F3 tornado wiped out a half dozen farms during the overnight hours near Faulkton, SD. Two children died in one farmhouse.


The unsinkable Titanic collided with an iceberg 435 miles southeast of Newfoundland, Canada and sank during the early morning hours causing the death of 1,517 people.


Silver Lake, CO, near Boulder, (elev. 10,220) set several US snow records. 75.8 inches fell in 24 hours, 87 inches in 27 ½ hours and 95 inches storm total in 32 ½ hours.

A complex of tornadoes of up to F4 in intensity tracked 112 miles through Marion and Cass counties in Texas and Miller, Hempstead, and Pike counties in Arkansas. 59 people were killed, 300 were injured, and damage was set at $2 million dollars.


Greenville, MS received 8.22 inches of rain in 24 hours, just one of countless reports of incredible rainfall all along the Mississippi River during the winter and spring. Worried civic leaders met in Greenville to determine whether the levees around the town would hold. Downriver, New Orleans, LA set their 24-hour rainfall record as 14.01 inches fell. It was also a state record.


A hailstone 5 inches by 5 ½ inches in size, and weighing 4 pounds, was measured at Troy, NY.


An F4 tornado passed along the western and northern fringes of Birmingham, AL during the afternoon. The twister killed 25 people along its 20 mile path. Most of the deaths occurred in the Stacey Hollow and McDonalds Chapel communities.


An F3 tornado 300 yards wide tracked 5 miles near Frostproof, FL. A 2,500 gallon water tank was found one mile from its original position (it is not known how much water was in the tank at the time). Another F3 tornado did $5 million dollars in damage in Fort Pierce, FL with 50 people injured, mostly from flying glass.


Strong southerly winds brought unusually warm temperatures into the upper Midwest. Chicago, IL set record high minimum temperatures for three consecutive days. On this date, the low only fell to 67°; while 69° and 68° were reported the next two nights. Rockford, IL also set record high minimums on three consecutive nights. On this date, the low only fell to 61°. The next two nights saw low temperatures only fall to 60° and 63°.


The morning low temperature in Wichita Falls, TX, was a chilly 32°. This is the latest spring freeze ever recorded there.


A coastal storm dumped very heavy snow over northern New England. Caribou, ME received 28.6 inches of snow, by far their greatest 24-hour snowfall on record. 36 inches of snow fell at Telos Lake, ME. Some sections of Vermont recorded 30 inches and up to 26 inches fell in portions of New Hampshire.

An intense wind storm at Terrace, British Columbia Canada capsized fishing vessels and sailboats, damaged power lines and buildings and fanned forest fires. Wind gusts as high as 75 mph was reported with several million dollars in damage.


Thunderstorms developing along a cold front produced severe weather in the Southern Atlantic Coast Region. A tornado killed one person and injured 7 others near Mount Dora, FL. Drifts of hail up to two feet deep were reported in Davidson and Rowan counties in North Carolina. Myrtle Beach, SC was deluged with 7 inches of rain in three hours.


Death Valley, CA was soaked with 1.53 inches of rain in 24 hours while snow fell in the mountains of southern California.


Showers and thunderstorms soaked the eastern U.S. with heavy rain, pushing the rainfall total for the month at Cape Hatteras, NC past their previous April record of 7.10 inches.


Thunderstorms developing along a stationary front produced severe weather from west central Texas to west central Arkansas during the late afternoon and evening. Thunderstorms spawned a tornado which caused more than half a million dollars damage at Fort Stockton, TX, produced wind gusts to 65 mph at Dennison, TX, produced baseball size hail at Silo, OK and near Capps Corner, TX, and drenched parts of southeastern Oklahoma with up to 4 inches of rain in two hours.


Bossier City, LA recorded 22.6 inches of rain in three days.


Washington, D.C. had a high temperature of 79°. This was the first 70°+ day of the year which was the latest ever recorded.


Cairo, Egypt recorded a high temperature of 108°.


Theilman, MN had a high temperature of 82° and a low temperature of 20°. This 62 degree diurnal temperature change is the greatest ever recorded there.


The crew of a U.S. Coast Guard plane diverted from their Ice Patrol mission to drop bouquets into the North Atlantic off the coast of Newfoundland. The flowers were a memorial to the 90th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic, the worst maritime disaster in history. The International Ice Patrol was founded as a result of the Titanic's deadly encounter with an iceberg.

Unseasonably warm weather resulted in two records being broken at Denver, CO. A record high temperature of 84° was recorded followed by a record high minimum of 57°.

A day after registering a high of 101°, Cairo, Egypt reached 104°, the warmest day here since May and June 2001. However, this high wasn't a record breaker; temperatures have been known to reach 108° in Cairo in April, as they in fact did on 4/15/1998.

An Air China 767 crashed into a mountainside in rain and fog on approach to the Kimhae Airport in Pusan, South Korea. Only 39 of the 167 people on board the plane survived.


Blowing dust driven by powerful winds as high as 50 mph with gusts to 130 mph swept across southern New Mexico. The dust storm prompted road closures and caused a 10-car pileup that killed twp people.


Deer Lake, Newfoundland Canada was Canada's hot spot for the day as the thermometer soared to 67°, a local record for the date.


Typhoon Neoguri formed over the South China Sea and rapidly intensifying to attain typhoon strength by the 16th, reaching its peak intensity on the 18th with maximum sustained winds near 110 mph. More than 120,000 people were evacuated from Hainan when heavy rains caused flash floods across low-lying areas. Three fatalities were attributed to the storm, though 40 fishermen were reported missing. The typhoon was the seasons earliest and perhaps the strongest to strike China since 1949.


The tornado outbreak that started the previous day and produced as many as 125 tornadoes spun up its deadliest tornado at Woodward, OK about 12:20 a.m., when the main squall line moved through western Oklahoma. This devastating EF3 tornado killed six in Woodward.


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