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Weather geeks and non geeks will love the Vaavud Wind Meter

The Vaavud Wind Meter gives you real time wind information right on your smartphone screen
The Vaavud Wind Meter gives you real time wind information right on your smartphone screen

It's true that we are doing just about everything with the smartphone we hold in our hands and carry in our pockets.

Weather geeks have really been able to take advantage of all smart devices have to offer .No longer do you have to wait for the 6 p.m. news to see what today's high temperature was or if there is rain in the forecast for tomorrow.

Now they can check the wind with a new device and app from the folks at Vaavud.

What is it?

The Vaavud Wind Meter is an anemometers with two cups (instead of three) that easily fits in your bag or pocket and plugs into the headphone jack of your smartphone.

It doesn't get much easier than that.

Before use, one must download the Vaavud app which will rotate depending on the amount and gusts of wind. Information then is posted on your smartphone screen, like average wind speed and the speed of the most powerful gust.

How accurate is it?

In my tests over a series of days at a professional tennis tournament, I feel confident in saying it's very accurate. This is backed up Vaavud saying that this pocket device was tested and calibrated at a professional wind tunnel on the campus of the Technical University of Denmark.

Per Vaavud, the precision is said to be:

At least of +/- 4% or 0.2 m/s, from 2 to 20 m/s

The Vaavud app is high tech in that it uses the sensors and technology in your smartphone to make this all happen.

What you can also expect from the app?

Users get access to wind measurements made by other Vaavud users around the globe to see conditions and the best locations for sports enthusiasts. The app can give measurements in: m/s, knots, mph, km/h, bft.

More on the Vaavud Wind Meter design

The cup-anemometers are one piece, and made of molded rotor and low friction Teflon. They are well constructed and durable.

The Wind Meter comes in three colors: green, red and white.

I love this little device and am keeping it my backpack to break it out when needed or to show to those that want to see a cool new gadget.

The Vaavud Wind Meter is being offered for $50 at

I of course, recommended it for weather geeks of all ages, but also for anyone that is curious about, or needs to know wind speed for any reason. The Vaavud Wind Meter could come in handy.

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