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Weather forecast for Houston Texas and vicinity, Thursday, March 14, 2013

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Although my forecast mentions sprinkles and showers for early next week, do not get carried away with the idea that our dry spell is about to bite the dust (pun intended). Instead, think about how much rain it would take to balance the soil moisture table out, especially since the sun angle is in the ascendant through the next three months. The storm track is reverting ever northward (even with what appears to be a Rex block straddling the Arctic Circle), and we are a long way from enjoying a trade wind formation (unlikely until perhaps mid-summer as I see it).

Look at the mentions for sunshine and warm temperatures, with the cool nights going away soon and the longer days promoting highest readings above 80 degrees. Some parts of Texas will see afternoon highs over 90 deg F during the next several days. Yes, there might be a cold frontal passage On Monday night which could put a temporary halt to the advance of the heat. But any Texan worth his or her salt knows that it hits the 90s in the Rio Grande Valley in March, the rest of the state will soon be dealing with relentless heat.

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The Forecast

Thursday: Sunny and mild. Highs 75 Galveston to 79 Brookshire

Thursday Night: Clear and cool with late night patchy fog. Lows 50 Pattison to 54 Jamaica Beach

Friday: Mostly sunny, breezy and warm. Highs 80 Quintana to 84 Monaville

Friday Night: Mostly fair, breezy and mild. Lows 56 Waller to 60 Surfside Beach

Saturday: Partly sunny, windy, warmer and more humid. Highs 83 Freeport to 87 Hockley

Extended Outlook

Sunday: Partly cloudy, warm and humid with a few sprinkles. High 87, Low 68

Monday: Partly cloudy, warm and humid with a few sprinkles. High 88, Low 70

Tuesday: Variable cloudiness, cooler, with a few showers and sprinkles. High 74, Low 58