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Weather Bug Atlanta Snowmegeddon: Tragedy That Was Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

It was the storm of the century and only three inches of snow.
It was the storm of the century and only three inches of snow.
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014, nature struck Atlanta Georgia. As Atlanta recovers from the alleged unexpected, "Snowmageddon", the wintery weather storm of 2014, the lessons learned are coming full circle for those in leadership. The tragedy that was expected on Monday, could have easily been prevented with a little Tech - Knowledge - Geee. Millions of dollars that are probably attached to the error of minor carelessness, could have been saved with a quick reference to the 10 day weather projection on the Weather Bug app or looking at the Almanac.

Winter preparation is a bit confusing in Hotlanta due to the fact that Winter does not come for a long time, but it does come just like everywhere else above the city of Miami - yes, sometimes it snows in northern Florida. Since the dawning of time there has been a Winter Season and yet people act as if it is unexpected. That is insanity. Not to be prepared for Winter, regardless of where, it is just an out right act of negligence. Naming off all of the Mayors in the Atlanta Metropolis along with the Governor is not going to help it, (Although, the person that delivered that wrong and harmful information should be fired for extreme carelessness). Clearly there needs to be a task force to aid in preparing for the next big wave of atmospheric change.

There is much to be said about the Atlanta traffic. There is terrible evidence now that Atlanta is in need of a National Security plan for a mass exit just in case it needs one. It it is not safe to be stuck on highways of people ever need to get out all at once. This could clearly be the reason to require more exits on the highways of the Georgia roads.

Mother Nature can not be blamed, nor can the Meteorologist that cover the weather when there are so many ways to receive notice about weather via technology. There are year long projections online the can be observed by anyone for free that will give an approximate time frame of storms. The statement, "there's an app for that", totally applies in this situation. Despite the numerous warnings from local and national news, the city is now going to suffer the ills of the price of negligence. Benjamin Bannerker authored the almanac back in the 1700's, ironically. The Governor said he was concerned about the budget for the state and will now be paying double or triple what would have been the cost of a simple city shut down, not to mention a life was lost and number of children stranded. He did accept responsibility for the terrible miscalculation and moved forward admirably.

Weather Bug is the app and website offered by Earth Networks, of Germantown, Maryland. The app provides live weather readings and maintains a mesoscale network of 8,530 weather stations. That is pretty reputable for weather references. Additionally, there are many websites that could easily be looked up on a Google search engine. Information is absolutely available to those who seek it. This is meant to bring forth relevant information for the next season of snow storms or atmospheric weather patters. This way when Winter arises, as it always does, people will know to have equipment on hand with a plan of action to secure safety of the humans that they govern and the yearly season will not be a surprise to anyone. No one should ever be caught off guard again when they know that there is like an app for that!