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wearing wood accessories shows your love for the earth's mother and creator

Recycling never gets old when it comes to fashion accessories in the fashion world on fashionistas and our male counterparts. After all, it is all about making a fashion statement when you step out of the house.

Tony Lydgate

The fashionable aware make the most difference in the fashion world because they don't just buy fashion because of its current trending topic. The fashionable aware buy fashion accessories with a purpose. That purpose of style is recycling.

If you didn't know, now you know.

We originate from mother earth, so it is our duty to be good to her and give back to her. Wear mother earth, style mother earth and recycle mother earth.

Reclaim your style with wood accessories in this year of the horse. Wood accessories come in pins, brooches, sunglasses frames, earrings, necklace, watches, bracelets, rings, hair bows and etc. The list of wood accessories goes on and on forever.

The reason why this style is so important because is economical. This style of the wood fashion and style, has energy still planted in the earth, which now makes the universe aware of your fashion behavior. You are in style so you must show off your awareness and love for mother earth.

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