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Wearing pastels with confidence


Derek Lam design
Derek Lam design
Dan and Corina Lecca

Take a look in your local mall and you will find stores like JCrew and The Limited previewing pastels in their spring 2010 collections.

"But I can't wear pastels",  you say.

Anyone can successfully wear pastels. It's all in how you place them.

Incorporate this trend with colors you already have in your wardrobe. Browns, tan, creams, nudes and greys all blend well with pastels.

Layer, layer, layer. This is probably the most important rule to remember.

Use a "neutral" as your base whether that be a brown, cream, navy, nude or grey.  

Try on a variety of pastel colors to see which works best with your skin tone.This may seem daunting at first, but eventually you will notice what colors best suit you. Which colors brighten up your complextion? Which ones drain you? Does one color compliment your hair and eye color better than another? 

If you simply don't like pastels near your face, don't despair. Try wearing them in a pretty floral or print skirt instead. Add a neutral colored top and bring the look together with accessories in one or more of the colors from your skirt. Or grab a pastel colored shoe or handbag to complete your look.

While the weather is cool wear a pastel tee shirt or camisole under a sweater with a tweed suit skirt. Or pair them with warm flannel trousers or a wool skirt and boots. You can take these same items into spring by pairing them with lighter fabrics, like chinos or cargo pants, giving you more ways to extend your wardrobe.

Still afraid of investing in pastels? There are some fun accessories like pretty scarves in a multitude of colors or pastel colored jewelry. This is another great way to pull the total look together.

Visit the make up counter in your favorite department store to learn how pastels blend with neutrals. Or look to nature. Notice the soft, powdery blue of the sky this time of the year or the beautiful hues of the setting sun.

Here are some colors and neutrals to consider wearing together:

Pink, coral and peach with navy, light grey, brown or beige.

Heather blue, lavender or lilac with light greys or browns.

Seafoam with tan or brown.

Buttery yellow with dark grey or brown.

Be inspired to try this trend. Who knows? You may just find a new favorite color.


  • Catherine 5 years ago

    A pastel skirt! Thanks for the easy-to-understand suggestions.

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