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Wearing makeup to the gym, big NO-NO

Don't be the girl to look like this at the gym

Going to the gym is suppose to be a stress free zone. You sweat all your problems out, you are working on becoming a better you so why cheat yourself to a flawless skin. Wearing makeup as you workout is a big NO-NO.

Sweating is a naturally detox but when you’re wearing makeup, it is nearly impossible for those toxins to exit. When your heart rate rises and you start sweating, your pores open to release sweat. If you’re wearing makeup, it can go in those open pores. The result: clogged pores, breakouts and blackheads in the near future.

It's ideal to remove makeup before beginning a workout by using a cleanser. Mostly everyone goes to the gym after work or school and do not want to carry a big cleanser bottle, instead you can use cleansing wipes. Cleansing wipes are disposable wipes that help get rid of all the makeup and dirt in your face. Cleansing wipes work perfectly for someone who is on the go.

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes are tough on makeup and can even remove waterproof mascara while still being gentle on your skin.

Clean and Clear cleansing wipes are a great pre-exercise to dissolve pore-clogging cosmetics and an afterward to refresh.

Clearasil cleansing wipes will help remove any dirt and makeup off while battling acne.

Olay wet cleansing towelettes remove dirt and makeup. It will leave your skin feeling smooth with its light moisturizers and vitamin E.

All the above wipes can be found at your local drugstore for less than $10.

While you workout is the time to let your skin breathe but it will also encourage for your inner true beauty to stand out. Do you want to look like a sweaty mess with mascara and foundation running down your face?

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