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Wearing leather for cold weather

A leather suit
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Are you looking for a leather ensemble to wear but need yesterday's suit? Don't worry if it's not one of this year's purchases. Designers are featuring leather and faux leather separates and ensembles. If you end up looking opulent and thrifty at the same time, you're likely to impress your colleagues, your manager or your supervisor. While it's not a new outfit, it's likely to still be a hit with your clients, if you meet them face to face or by skyping, especially if you've just experienced the record breaking temperatures of the Chicagoland area.

Are you getting ready to attend a party watching the State of the Union address this month? If you are, you can focus on your success with an outfit like the one our model is wearing if you have one. Otherwise, you might like to check out what Chico's has. They've been featuring a leather jacket this winter. Maybe there are still any left in your size. JCPenney was also featuring faux leather. If you're still looking for leather, you might try them. Even the First Lady has worn leather, although not lately. Don't be surprised if you see her in faux leather or real leather this winter. She had worn it in the past.

Are you hoping for leather knee high boots this winter like the ones our model is wearing? Perhaps you want to wear your leather boots from last season. If you do, they are very popular in the Chicago area. They are the favorites with many people. With the right accessories, you'll stand out like a symphony in leather. Perhaps you can find Jimmy Choo's styles. You might like what Nieman Marcus or Nordstrom's has to offer. Something from Jimmy Choo's collection could be just the accent that you need to be noticed for your eye on fashion.

So do you have just what you need to make a chic entrance to that political party? If all you can find is faux leather, you'll make the animal rights activists , the vegans and the vegetarians happy. You might just be able to make that fashion statement that you need to make this winter with all that frosty weather. Step out in style and watch heads turn in Chicago. After all, you have to dress for success.

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