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Wearable high-tech dog collars now available

Wearable high-tech dog collars that monitor your dog's exact location, how much exercise your dog is getting, how well he's eating and other health indicators are now available. While there are many high-tech dog collars on the market, the latest smart collar was introduced in Japan, according to a Feb. 14 report in “Japan Today”.

Human health enthusiasts have lots of gadgets for measuring how much they exercise and for monitoring their health—and the new field of smart wearable technology is bringing more, like the “Nike+ FuelBand” and the rumored iWatch. Now engineers are bringing this cutting edge high-tech way to track human activity and health trends to your canine friend.

“Petfit”, is a smart dog collar that checks how long and how well your dog is sleeping (if he's getting enough sleep or too much), how many calories he's burning, the surrounding temperature and where he currently is—you can even tell if your dog is running or walking. This collar then transmits this info to an app on your smartphone so you can monitor your pet, wherever you are. “Petfit” is available starting this March.

Available now is a similar high-tech dog collar attachment and its accompanying app called “Whistle”. This collar and app combination does monitoring and health tread tracking like “Petfit”, but includes two extra-special features. First, it lets you set exercise goals for your canine friend. Second, it lets you compare your pet's activity and health trends to other dog's of the same age, which can lead to early detection of health problems sooner than they otherwise would be discovered.

Besides an ability to set daily goals for you canine friend, follow health trends and provide graphs of his exercise, rest and play—this app lets you add photos and commentary that you can share with your family and friends.

The “Whistle” app is available now and is a free download at the iPhone-only section of the App Store (it will be available for Android soon). This iPhone version requires iOS 6.1+, is compatible with iPhone 3GS+, iPad and iPod Touch and is optimized for iPhone 5. Both the iPhone and Android versions require the high-tech “Whistle Activity Monitor” that attaches to your dog's collar.

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