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Wear this $89 belt and you’ll be a victor in the Hunger Games

Survival Belt
Survival Belt

Congratulations, you are chosen to be one of the tributes in the upcoming Hunger Games. And you have to win, win for your family, for your district, and for your pride. Even if you don’t shoot like the amazing Jennifer Lawrence aka Katniss Everdeen, you should at least wear the Survival Belt to increase your survivability in the remote areas full of traps and hostility.

The first Kickstarter project created by California-based ratchet belts company SlideBelts, the Survival Belt carries the slogan of “wearable technology made for the adventurous.” On surface, it doesn’t have any visible differences with an ordinary belt, and its minimal design would never lead to any associations with the innovative term of “wearable tech.” But the secret actually lies in the buckle; named “Base Buckle” by the company, it’s actually an ammo box and a handy toolkit for outdoor activities and adventures. Simply open the buckle, and you will find a bottle opener, a strap with 2,000 LB tensile strength, and, guess what, a fire starter. And if the Kickstarter stretch goals of $200,000 and $750,000 are unlocked, the buckle will be upgraded to include a multi-tool and a GPS respectively. Yes, you didn’t get it wrong, a GPS. So even if you are left alone in a dark forest or lost in a den of female alpha wolves, your location can still be tracked – just make sure that the information doesn’t fall into the hands of your enemies from other districts or, ahem, your suspicious better half.

Speaking of the belt itself, it’s actually a “belt without holes.” The trick lies in the Base Buckle as well; since a tab in the Buckle will engage with the bottom of the strap, it can be easily released without lousy removal from the holes. The material of the strap speaks quality with the ability to face extreme weather and environmental conditions, including water, UV and abrasion. Manufactured in the US with five different colors to choose from, each Survival Belt basic package costs $89, which is fully upgradable for free to include the aforementioned multi-tool and GPS if those rewards can be unlocked. So instead of spending a few hundred or even a thousand dollars on a sash with a fancy designer label, why not give the Survival Belt a try – you might well become the next victor!