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Wear Orange on St. Patrick's Day

The Flag of Ireland. Green for Catholics, orange for Protestants and white for peace between the two.
The Flag of Ireland. Green for Catholics, orange for Protestants and white for peace between the two.


  • darcy 6 years ago

    Orange has always been worn by the northern ireland people. It has been religious thing. the catholic vs. the protestants. The protestants have always called themselves the orangeman. Its the entire history of the two fighting back and forth. If you want any info talk to anyone born in northern ireland. and the will tell you the true reason behind wearing the orange

  • Culby 6 years ago

    The first large Irish migration to America were Ulstermen, Protestants from the northern counties. They began calling themselves Scotch-Irish to differentiate from the Catholics who migrated from Ireland in the late 1840's. Traced back, Scotch-Irish were Orangemen. One can often locate where they first settled in America by the names of counties such as Ulster County and Orange County in the state of New York.

  • G_Murr 5 years ago

    St. Patrick was a Welshman back when I was in school

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Okay, this a little mad. Saint Patrick's Day is only accosiated with wearing green because it was the colour of the shamrock and he is saint of Ireland (the whole Island), which to be fair is called the 'emarld isle' (thats a shade of green). Thought your most loyalist solution could cause problems. One half of the people in green and one half in orange, becareful not to put anything white between them. Hey, what can I say, your suggestion. As a student away from home I'm celebrating the country I miss (Northern Ireland) and I study Saint Patrick in school and his message a deeply strong christian teaching on faith. Stop hi-jacking it.

  • Anonymous-1 5 years ago

    To Anonymous: Your first statement is totally not the true reason for wearing of green. Might make you FEEL nice, but not the underlying reason. If you are truly trying to educate yourself, then learn Ireland's history. Search Google for William of Orange. There is a long history behind the wearing of Orange vs Green on St. Patrick's Day and other days, even. Just because you don't agree with history, doesn't change the facts. No one is highjacking St. Patrick. He was alive BEFORE the Catholic/Protestant split. So, he is not exclusive to any side.

  • MacDonald 5 years ago

    As a Scot, my dad taught us early about being Orangemen. Caught a lot of flak from the Catholics in school when I wore orange. I remember my dad saying something about when you met a Scot or an Irishman, you ask them "Be ye a billy or a joe???" I think that's how I remember it. Ring a bell with anyone else? I think billy was the protestant and joe was the catholic?? I have passed the wearing of the orange tradition on to my kids and grandkids.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Wow. Way to incite thousands of years worth of hatred. Wearing orange on St. Padrig's does not make you "a little different" it makes you an incompetent a@@hole.

  • Midwest Paddy 3 years ago

    Orange is the color of the oppressor. I may be wrong, but don't the protestants in the North consider themselves to be englishmen?

  • Michelle 2 years ago

    People should be free to express themselves in any way that they want as long as they don't make fun others. Americans can live with many differences, so why should whether you wear orange or green be a problem? It shouldn't matter what others think; do what makes you happy. If orange or green makes you happy then fine. Just leave it at that.

  • djbar 2 years ago

    I've been wear Orange since 1969 when my Grandfather Wade explained to me why he wore orange on St. Patricks day.

  • Super Anonymous 2 years ago

    British, yes. English, no. (well except for those who are English but live in Northern Ireland)

  • bill 2 years ago

    You are missing the point here. The day is ST. PATRICK'S DAY. He is a Catholic saint, protestants don't celebrate feast days so to say this is a protestant is just plain wrong. Wear whatever color you want but the only reason for Orange is to show you are a protestant on a Catholic holiday. Purely antagonistic.

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