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Wear it white

We adore the eyelet skirt from Francesca’s Collection at The Oaks ($38).
We adore the eyelet skirt from Francesca’s Collection at The Oaks ($38).
The Oaks

Every new season is punctuated with a fresh new color palate, and this year is no different—except that the frontrunner for Spring is technically a non-color. Startling, sparkling white was the favorite pet of almost every designer and whisks us into warmer weather by brightening up tops, lightweight dresses, handbags, and swimsuits—even denim. With the racks awash in this crisp hue, we’re diving into the many ways to lead the way in this white hot revolution. First though, this often overlooked shade has garnered a bad reputation, based on falsities and myths—so let’s clear the air and start with some great white tips that mustn’t be overlooked:

Express, $98.
Lakewood Center

Lightweight. There is no truth to the idea that wearing white adds pounds—in fact, white can be perfectly slimming if one rule is followed: the right fit. Worn too big—white looks unnecessarily voluminous, slip into to something too snug and white will highlight your every bump or lump. Make finding the middle ground a priority.

Sheer genius. White fabric is notorious for being unexpectedly sheer in the right light. Do your homework and check yourself from all angles, in daylight or under substantial lighting, to make sure when you’re sitting, standing, kneeling—that you’re adequately covering everything you intended to cover.

Under there. White is remarkably decisive when it comes to undergarments—only nude or flesh tones will do. The closer you can match them to your natural skin tone, the better—no exceptions.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s move on to the heart of the matter—let’s get white washed:

White to Your Left.

Like Dolce to your Gabbana –white is, to any other bright, the perfect match. This spring is fast becoming a tribute to all things vibrant—from coral, to hot pink, to lemony yellow---make any color pop against a white partner. Polish the look with neutral toned shoes and metallic accessories. We found a great white blazer at Express in Lakewood Center ($98) and can’t wait to wear it against a tangerine top.

Blinded by the White.

Can you wear too much white this year? (The right answer is no). Go head-to-toe for a monochromatic salute to high style. Or, for a slightly more subtle take on this same look, pepper your whites with blush, off-white, cream and slight shades of tan for instant chic. We adore the eyelet skirt from Francesca’s Collection at The Oaks ($38).

White On.

Do a daring new denim; choose white and dip into the breezy 70s by pairing them with sheer, floaty tunics and blouses. Choose a handful of wooden bangles, and your cork-heeled wedges to complete this 2011-style groovy look. The trouser cut jeans from Banana Republic at Westside Pavilion ($89.50) say all the right things.


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