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Walk in heels comfortably

Riya Aarini

Need to walk downtown and have nowhere to change from sneakers to heels? It looks like you'll have to take a walk in your heels. Relax, because you can do so with minimum discomfort. All you need is a pair of heels (not stilettos) and a pair of Dr. Scholl's gel inserts.

Place the gel inserts into each shoe to reduce having the ball of your foot from crashing onto the pavement underneath with each step. The gel insert absorbs the shocks seamlessly. You may literally call it "pounding the pavement" when there is no cushion between the ball of your foot and the pavement. When you wear heels, of any height, normally the ball of your foot is not cushioned in a typical heel. Hence, the necessity of a quality gel insert. High-heeled shoes also cause the foot to experience more pressure at the ball, since the heel is raised up.

Your best bet is to find a comfortable heel that is cushioned all along the front of the shoe where the ball is positioned as well as the heel. If a comfortable heel is not available and you really are keen on wearing a heel, the gel insert works best. Plus, most gel inserts are so discreet that you'll have no difficulty keeping it hidden as you walk in your fabulous heels.

Find Dr. Scholl's gel inserts (or any other brand) here:


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