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Weaponized Government takes aim at Perry

Nothing sacred
Nothing sacred

Texas Governor Rick Perry is the latest in a string of millions of Americans’ targeted by Government agencies.

Yes millions have been and will be targeted by various government agencies. Targeting of citizens’ has been the practice of tyrannical governments throughout human history. Maybe some remember a guy named, “Hitler,” who took targeting to grotesque high. Our modern form of Gestapo is government agencies like our I.R.S., N.S.A., E.P.A., D.O.J. and our courts to name just a few of the more known domestic terrorist groups.

Not knowing all the facts first hand it appears that Rick Perry did the right thing in the eyes of God and this should supersede any laws of any men. It also appears that laws were not actually broken but an over zealous prosecutor with political motives assembled a grand jury most likely skewed by radically liberal perpetrators. Yes any group who behaves in an immoral manner to achieve division amongst citizenry is no different than the radical terrorist beheading Christians because they don’t have the same beliefs as the terrorist. Political groups and government agencies are terrorizing Americans’ by the millions and even Governors’ are not exempt. Just know if it can happen to Rick Perry it can surely happen to you and probably already has but most haven’t noticed.

The freedoms and rights established by our Constitution have been systematically eroded yet, “We the People,” just watch like deer in the headlights just before the 18 wheeler turns us into road pizza. Is that what we want for our home, America? Are we to become a carcass on the historical road of mankind, because that is exactly where we are heading? Where exactly is our freedom? Most Americans’ due to economics will never see any more of America than a few mile radius of where they live. So we are free to work and pay our bills and fund overgrown government overspending or free to live on entitlements and become slaves of the system that contribute nothing to society.

Hopefully Rick Perry emerges from this a hero for doing the right thing instead of the politically correct thing. A lesson of doing the right things is one we all need a refresher course in and Rick as the leader of a state appears to be setting a good example with his leadership.

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