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We Will Not Conform - Nationwide Common Core Live, Interactive Event

Common Core is a plan to standardize the American education system. At first glance, you may say, "Education is good for our children. This is probably a great idea."

We Will Not Conform- Live, Interactive Events In Theaters July 22

If you scratch the surface- you will quickly find out that it's not.

Please watch the video included here and learn how Common Core is - among other things-a very frightening data-mining operation collecting data on America's (READ: YOUR) children, funded in part, by The Bill Gates Foundation.

In a story for National Review online, Alec Torres writes: "The Common Core State Standards Initiative is widely denounced for imposing confusing, unhelpful experimental teaching methods. Following these methods, some have created problems that lack essential information or make no sense whatsoever.

Some 45 states and the District of Columbia have so far adopted Common Core standards, leaving students all around the United States to puzzle over mysterious logic and language devised in accordance with Common Core’s new methods."

In an effort to educate parents, teachers, students and concerned citizens, radio and TV personality and author Glenn Beck has created a national LIVE interactive event which will be presented in theaters across America.

Called "We Will Not Conform," Glenn Beck and Fathom Events invite you to your local movie theatre to experience a live national night of action against Common Core. WE WILL NOT CONFORM is a chance for anyone who’s tired of sitting idly by as the federal government continues its takeover of our schools to come together and do something about it.

From the website: "WE WILL NOT CONFORM isn’t a typical show, it’s an interactive experience where theatregoers will work with experts like Michelle Malkin, David Barton and others in pursuit of real, tangible strategies to wake up our friends and neighbors and make our voices heard. This isn’t an evening about observing, it’s a chance to learn, share and engage with people as frustrated and motivated as you are. By the end of the night, the brainpower, experience, and passion of thousands of people from around the country will be captured in a comprehensive, unified plan of action distributed to all participants.

To Common Core supporters who thought they would win through silence, this night will be a very loud wake-up call. If you are sick of the endless rhetoric, futile debates, and useless advice about changing the system at the ballot box, then WE WILL NOT CONFORM is the event you’ve been waiting for."

Outspoken columnist and Conservative activist Michelle Malkin has done extensive research on Common Core and through her informative, intelligent and energetic and entertaining writings, radio and television appearances, she has done an outstanding job of educating the public about Common Core.

All the participants of "We Will Not Conform" know about why the government wants these standards put in place, how and why they GOT there- and what we can do to stop it.

To find a theater near you and to purchase CLICK HERE.

Common Core standards threaten parents’ rights, children’s privacy, and traditional American values.

President Obama supports Common Core’s Progressive education standards and wants every child in America to obey Washington D.C.’s rules.

But American children shouldn’t be tracked, monitored, and educated from D.C. And parents should have a voice in their child’s education. SIGN THE PETITION

If you are a student, a parent, a teacher, a grandparent - or a concerned citizen who wants to get involved and make a difference- and have FUN with like-minded people while you participate- I encourage you to become pro-active against Common Core.

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