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'We will not comply' movement hits N.J., R.I.

Some claim that sales of guns and ammo have dropped, but citizens are still arming themselves to the hilt as politicians attack their liberties.
Some claim that sales of guns and ammo have dropped, but citizens are still arming themselves to the hilt as politicians attack their liberties.
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

New Jersey and Rhode Island are the latest states in which citizens who value their liberties protected by the Constitution are throwing down the gauntlet to declare to government and law enforcement, "We will not comply."

In a related development, the push to smuggle newly forbidden items into states that have thumbed their noses at the Constitution has been taken to a more intense level.

A citizen group in New Jersey, headed by Anthony P. Colandro, testified before the N.J. General Assembly that he and other gun owners have no intention of obeying unconstitutional laws regarding guns and magazines.

Colandro is CEO of a company called Guns for Hire, which states that it has provided urban defense for citizens across America since 1992. He stated simply that he and thousands of citizens like him will not comply with new gun and magazine laws.

A video of Colandro's testimony can be found here.

Meanwhile in Rhode Island, the state's House Judiciary Committee has scheduled a full slate of gun control measures that are being considered today. No less than 14 gun control bills are on the slate in what the NRA is calling the most sweeping attack on the Second Amendment in the state's history.

Like other states in New England, Rhode Island is on course to require registration and bans on so-called "assault weapons" and high capacity magazines.

And in yet another development, the push to smuggle newly forbidden guns and magazines into states that have recently banned them has been kicked up to a new level. Activist Mike Vanderboegh reports that he has received 26 top of the line AR magazines from a generous donor in Arizona.

Vanderboegh states that these will form a good foundation for the offensive in late spring to smuggle 200 magazines into Connecticut.

Citizen resistance to new laws that infringe on their Constitutional rights is now reaching a critical and potentially deadly phase. The NRA reported Friday that the General Assembly committee that is considering the new anti-gun laws in New Jersey totally ignored a room full of angry citizens who had come to voice their protest against the gun control measures.

The manner in which liberal/progressive politicians are going about ramming through these laws is doing nothing but stoking the flames of rage among the citizens. Thus, the potential of such rage breaking forth into outright war is heightened.


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