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"We Will Give Ourselves!"(Acts 6:3-4)

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“We will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word.” (Acts 6:3-4)

Prayer is more than talking to God. It is worship. It is spending time in His presence. Believers seek His face in a conversation. He speaks through His written word, the Holy Bible. The Bible tells of the conversations between God and people. Adam and Eve, Cain, Noah, Enoch, Deborah, Hannah, Phoebe, Peter, John, and Paul are just a few names. The Son of God, Jesus, spoke to the Father in prayer. Prayer is essential in knowing and loving God.

The Word of God is just as important. The Bible has life giving principles to learn, to meditate, and to study. Believers should recognize how his or her ministry relates to God’s word. It will make one prosperous in spiritual matters. The Holy Spirit gives guidance through the Word. Regular intake of God’s written word forms his character in the believer.

Challenge: Believer, give yourself to prayer and do not neglect it! Jesus is the Word! It is life!