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"We Want to Kill You" - Brazilian Wood's call for funding

“We Want to Kill You!”

It’s not every day you hear that line (thankfully!) but one of the best crowd-funding tactics I’ve seen lately comes from Resonant Films and their “Brazilian Wood” campaign on Seed & Spark. They ask for support in quite a unique way: by offering to kill you. On screen, of course.

Resonant Films is the collaboration of two award-winning AZ filmmakers, Kristin LaVanway and Bill Wetherill. What started as a quirky short film (what LaVanway is known for) turned into a rich story that just didn’t fit the short form any more. And when you want to create a film, unfortunately, one of the first big questions that needs to be answered is “Where will we get the money to make it?”

Enter Seed & Spark, a relative newcomer to the crowd-funding platform. With less than two years under its belt, the site has carved a niche in an already unique world. To begin with, it’s a community that supports “all things motion-picture related” which sets them apart from others who fund anything from reading programs to iphone apps. The site gives a more intimate feeling to filmmakers and funders alike, and it’s not totally open-sourced. Filmmakers have to pitch their idea before getting approval to open a funding campaign, and they might even get pointers on where to strengthen their project before being allowed to launch it. Seed & Spark also offers distribution potential – truly supporting a project from start to finish.

Brazilian Wood is the story of an FBI agent tracking an elusive pair in the organized crime world. The agent crosses paths with a man whose family was murdered by them, and what follows is the collision of the search for justice and the search for revenge. They face a common enemy, with very different inner demons driving their actions.

The film stars quite a few well known locals, like Wetherill himself, Daniel Blunck, Shellie Ulrich, Patrick Giglio, Eric Almassy, Luke LaVanway, and Jarod Anderson. This crew is not new to the indie film community, and their connections have gotten them over the 60% mark of their fundraising goal. The campaign runs seven more days and has reached 60% of its modest $6,400 budget. “Sparkers” can help by making cash donations, specifying what item on the “wish list” they want to support, or through lending items. And of course, depending on your level of support, you might just earn the opportunity to be killed on screen!

Visit to contribute, and check out their Facebook page at:

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