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We’ve got Trojans, thrillers, comedies and time travel in theaters this weekend

The main cast of 300: Rise of an Empire, which opens this weekend.
The main cast of 300: Rise of an Empire, which opens this weekend.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

It’s a big weekend at your local movie house this week. If you have been cooped up for the entire winter and the weather is turning nice where you are (like it is here in Chicago) then maybe you want to head out and see a movie. If that’s the case, then this weekend is one tailor-made for you. We have every kind of movie you could want. There are intense thrillers, action featuring Trojan warriors, a kids movie based on a beloved classic cartoon, and a quirky comedy from a critics favorite director. In short, there’s gotta be something out there that you’d want to spend money on and see this weekend.

Here are the movies opening the weekend of March 7, 2014:

300: Rise of an Empire - Eva Green, Lena Headey, Sullivan Stapleton. It's a kind of, sort of, sequel to the very popular movie 300 from a few years back. This time we take to a massive battle at sea as Greece, upon hearing about the sacrifice of the 300 in the prior movie, move to save themselves against the Persians. It's a CGi, slow-motion-blood-spurting, action movie. It's also getting awful reviews. Rated R.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman - Ty Burrell, Max Charles, Stephen Colbert. Do you remember the cartoons that were part of the Rocky & Bullwinkle show? I do! Mr. Peabody is a genius dog that wears glasses and who has adopted a young boy named Sherman. Mr. Peabody has also invented a time machine known as the WABAC Machine and he and Sherman go on adventures to historical events and try to make sure that the events play out right so that history is correct. For the movie, the two travel back in time and Sherman violates one of the rules of time travel and the two have to race to fix history before time itself unravels. A computer-generated family adventure that critics are saying is big fun for kids and their parents. This is the new family movie to see this weekend. Rated PG.

Grand Piano - Elijah Wood, John Cusack, Kerry Bishe. A movie that many are saying is one of the more intense thrillers of the new year. Wood plays a lauded and famous concert pianist who vanished from the stage due to his intense stage fright that culminated in a disastrous performance. He has now returned, supposedly having conquered his demons, in front of a packed house. Just as he sits down at the piano he sees a note written there: "Play one wrong note and you die." A sniper (Cusack) has his sights set on him and he now has to play the most perfect performance of his career or end up dead. Critics are liking this one. Rated R.

The Grand Budapest Hotel - Bill Murray, Ralph Fiennes, F. Murray Abraham. A movie from quirky and critical-favorite director Wes Anderson comes another, well, quirky comedy. This one tells the tale of Gustave H. a famous and legendary concierge at the titular hotel during a time between World War I and II. The plot revolves around the theft of a priceless piece of art while a family battles for a vast inheritance. Once again, critics are lining up in favor of this one, so if Wes Anderson films are your cup of tea, this is a must-see. Rated R.

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