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We used to educate—the evolution of public education

Elementary educators would take students who were behind and bring them up.

Secondary teachers would take a personal interest in their students and find ways to help them to grow and to achieve their goals.

We had professional, experienced educators who would take new teachers under their wing and help season them. They did it for me.

Then the pressure increased to the nth degree.

Produce test scores. So the teachers became less educators and more test teachers; the students became numbers with test scores tracked from Kindergarten; the site administrators became test analysts and test score promoters; while the downtown administrators eyed only one thing—improved test scores each year.

It is part of the evolution of education:

From professional caring teachers to beset upon test proctors;

From fine public schools to for profit charter schools;

From knowledgeable teachers setting the pace to unknowing politicians and business leaders demanding change;

From prepared for life students to test scores tracked kids;

From children to stressed kids almost overnight.

From a school system benefiting the students to a school system benefiting textbook publishers and test publishers;

From education and learning to testing and forgetting;

From futures as leaders to futures as followers;

From day to night—into darkness from light--and it is only getting worse!

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