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WE THE PEOPLE TAR - A true, grassroots, Non-Partisan Political Movement

WE THE PEOPLE TAR - A true, grassroots, Non-Partisan Political Movement
WE THE PEOPLE TAR - A true, grassroots, Non-Partisan Political Movement
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WE THE PEOPLE On this July 4th, 2011, the 235th anniversary of America's Declaration of Independence from the British, announce the formation of a true, non-partisan, grassroots Cultural and Political Movement to restore the Liberties and Freedoms envisioned by the Founding Fathers for WE THE PEOPLE. WE THE PEOPLE seek to restore respect for our Constitution, the Bill of Rights and to restore the Rule of Law to these United States of America.

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This Movement shall be known as WE THE PEOPLE TAR. TAR being the Acronym for Transparency, Accountability and Reform. Welcome to the 2nd Enlightenment of mankind.

At least 3 iterations of this initial document announcing the formation of this WE THE PEOPLE TAR Movement have been written. There are so many thoughts, ideas, philosophizes and issues that seem important that one regrets the need to omit some of them from this initial document. In the end, rather than try to fully explain the reasoning and logic behind our Top six issues and our 9 Principles, we decided to list them with simpler explanations and expound on the reasoning and logic in subsequent articles. In this way we hope to quickly share with you our proposed perspective of reality.

That having been said, let us cut to the chase with our top 6 proposed priorities for the next few elections:


Let us vow to not let the political parties, the politicians, the major media, special interest nor big money steer WE THE PEOPLE off topic from these 6 issues. WE THE PEOPLE TAR believes these 6 issues are vital to restoring our liberties, freedoms, our constitution and our Bill of Rights as well as previous levels of economic opportunity for all of WE THE PEOPLE.

WE THE PEOPLE TAR asks you to write about these issues in political surveys, letters to the editor and letters to candidates themselves. Challenge Candidates to reduce their positions on these issues to paper. In Public Forums and Debates, ask all persons running for office what their positions are on these 6 issues. Do not let the political parties, nor any other powers that be, to frame our any elections in the future. WE THE PEOPLE will set the agenda and frame the main issues for all future elections.

1) Restore Transparency and Accountability in our Government and Judiciary

First Principles, People Are Equal Under Natural Law

“Among the natural rights of the colonists are these: First a right to life, secondly to liberty, and thirdly to property; together with the right to defend them in the best manner they can”

Samuel Adams (Signed Declaration of Independence, organized the Sons of Liberty, participated in Boston Tea Party, Member of Continental Congress, Governor of Massachusetts)

2) Cut Over Spending and Reduce the Deficit to Normal Historic Levels

Besides the obvious need to reduce spending and balance the budget, we also want to put forward the following legislation:


Whereas all financial information of Municipalities (Cities, Counties, Schools, etc.) in the State of Minnesota is supposed to be a matter of public record;

Whereas Municipalities have acted very inappropriately in refusing to freely disclose financial information to the public;

Whereas all levels of Government in the USA are suffering from enormous Budget Shortfalls and Deficits;

Whereas auditors of all level of Government seem to be unable or unwilling to identify areas of financial waste and fraud in Municipalities;

Whereas elected officials are unable or unable to identify areas of financial waste and fraud in municipalities;

Whereas the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) has been perverted to actually make it more difficult for the Public to get financial information from Municipalities;

Whereas it is essential to the continue well-being and existence of the USA that all levels of Government get their financial houses in order:

Be it Resolved, that the Minnesota Legislature should pass a bill as follows:

All Minnesota Municipalities are required to post their budgets and actual expenditures and revenues on the internet In terms understandable by the average high school graduate with no aggregates greater than $100.00.

That said records shall be maintained on the internet for 10 years and be easily downloadable to fully functioning spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel.

3) Audit and/or End or Nationalize the Federal Reserve Bank

Privately owned Federal Reserve Bank - Quantitative Easing Explained -

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.

THOMAS JEFFERSON(Author of Declaration of Independence, member Continental Congress, Governor of Virginia, Minister to France, Secretary of State, Vice President, 3rd President )

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

Henry Ford (Inventor of the Assembly Line, Founder of Ford Motor Company, once doubled his employees’ wages in a week)

4) Judicial Reform and Accountability
Legal Evil? In their own words - Part 1 of 3 -

Lawless America - GRIP -

Justice in Minnesota – FB

True North -

“How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!”

Samuel Adams (Signed Declaration of Independence, organized the Sons of Liberty, participated in Boston Tea Party, Member of Continental Congress, Governor of Massachusetts)

5) Election Integrity

Proof of voter fraud in the USA - from the horse's mouth -

“More Votes Than People: In 2008, the Minnesota Majority claimed that there were about 40,000 more votes cast than there were identified, signed-in voters in Minnesota. Mark Ritchie, Minnesota’s Secretary of State, said in effect “No, no no!”, it was only somewhere under 30,000 votes.”

Either start dipping people fingers in paint after they vote (Iraq) or require inexpensive, easily accessible, verifiable Voter ID.

6) BringHome the Politicians

“…the persons entrusted and representing, shall either never have any interest detached from the persons entrusting and represented, or never the means to pursue it…”

John Trenchard (Cato’s Letter number 60)

WE THE PEOPLE TAR only intends for these 6 issues to be a starting place for the discussion to begin. In our next Several Articles, We will provide the logic, evidence and persuasive arguments for why we believe these issues should be the top issues we pursue for the next few years. Each weekend for the next few weeks, WE THE PEOPLE TAR will share our perspective of reality and our criticisms of our Government and the two major political parties. Beginning in 2013, We will begin utilizing Nominal Group Process to determine our direction and which issues shall be our priorities.


We are rejects and ejects! We are persons who were ejected from or not allowed to join the TEA Party Movement. WE THE PEOPLE TAR asserts that the Republican Party has usurped what was once a true, non-partisan, grassroots Political Movement. We ejects were as critical as the Republican Party as we were of the Democrat Party. Some ejects were ejected by simple exclusion and omission, some ejects were made to feel uncomfortable and some were ejected by secret votes, with no due process, ignoring their own constitution and rule of law.

At the same time, some people just rejected the illusion that the TEA Party Movement was a true, grassroots, non-partisan political movement. Leadership and direction changed from being "bottom-up" to "top-down". And when the leadership refused to hold the Republican Party as responsible for our Country's woes, many people chose to vote with their feet and just stopped being involved and/or actively involved with the TEA Party. These are the persons that rejected the GOP usurped, hijacked and morphed TEA Party Movement. These folks rejected the new TEA Party Movement as insincere, hence the term "rejects"

That is not to say that there are not still some true, grassroots, non-partisan TEA Party groups. But, more often than not, TEA Party groups are managed and controlled by GOP loyalists and/or have been usurped by GOP operatives who have overtly or covertly purged the elements who were not sufficiently loyal and non-critical of the GOP. WE THE true, grassroots PEOPLE that joined the TEA Party Movement, did not join it to be cheerleaders for the Republican Party.

At the same time, persons in the Coffee Party have indicated that they are being usurped in a similar manner as the TEA Party movement, but in their case they are being infiltrated, co-opted and usurped by the Progressives.

WE THE PEOPLE TAR believe that our liberties and freedoms have been so eroded by the abandonment of the principal of the Rule of Law that we cannot any longer abide by this tyranny set against us and MUST act to restore our Natural Rights under Natural Law.

WE THE PEOPLE TAR further believe that our Country is on the brink of catastrophic collapse which will forever reduce and destroy the freedoms and economic opportunities of our children and future generations living in what was known at the United States of America

The disconnect here is that both the TEA Party and Coffee Party Movements were initially started as true, grassroots movements to address the erosion of our liberties and prevent the collapse of our nation. WE THE true, grassroots PEOPLE, joined the TEA Party and Coffee Party Movements to bring about reform of our government by forcing Transparency and Accountability. WE THE PEOPLE did not join the TEA Party and Coffee Party Movements to be covert operations used to maintain the status quo stranglehold on power by the 2 major political parties.

The TEA Party and Coffee Party Movements sought to restore the former vitality of our country and to take it back from the corrupt politicians, political parties and political process. Instead, the political party powers that be have and/or are trying to hijack the respective grassroots movements and warp them into mere tools to obtain election and re-lection of their candidates and to maintain their hold on power in these United States of America.

WE THE PEOPLE TAR is premised on the belief that WE THE PEOPLE are more alike than we are different. WE THE PEOPLE TAR believes that the 2/3 of WE THE PEOPLE are the middle of the political the political spectrum. (To see where you fall in the political spectrum, please try this test. You can see the authors score here

WE THE PEOPLE TAR believe the 2/3rds of WE THE PEOPLE in the middle can reason with each other and effectively dominate the politics of the Country to the mutual benefit of all of WE THE PEOPLE.

WE THE PEOPLE TAR believe that in a true, non-partisan, grassroots organizations leadership comes from the bottom up and not the top down.

WE THE PEOPLE TAR will seek to pursue the issues that unite WE THE PEOPLE, rather than divide us. And even on those issues that divide, we will speak from the perspective of trying to find common ground.

WE THE PEOPLE TAR believe our elected officials should act to unite rather than divide WE THE PEOPLE.

WE THE PEOPLE TAR believe that the definitions of Liberal, Conservative, Republican and Democrat have been perverted from their original meanings. The purpose for these new definitions for these political philosophies is to allow the 2 major political parties to more easily manage WE THE PEOPLE by dividing and conquering us.

WE THE PEOPLE TAR believe that we cannot continue to allow the ruling class, 2 major political party elite to control our respective perceptions of reality. WE THE PEOPLE cannot allow the entrenched incumbent politicians to continue to divide and conquer WE THE PEOPLE with polarizing social issues while they steal WE THE PEOPLE blind and bring the country to the brink of ruin. WE THE PEOPLE TAR believe that WE THE PEOPLE in the middle of the political spectrum can work effectively with each other to restore the Constitution and Bill of Rights in our country, and return our Country to the previous Cultural, Socio-Economic and Military Status it previously enjoyed.

WE THE PEOPLE TAR believes that WE THE PEOPLE can agree to leave the divisive, polarizing social issues out of our Movement at least and until WE THE PEOPLE have restored our Constitution and Bill of Rights to their rightful places of respect and authority and brought our country back from the brink of collapse.

WE THE PEOPLE TAR invites all American Patriots who place loyalty to Country, the Rule of Law, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights over loyalty to party to join our just causes.

The members of WE THE PEOPLE TAR reaffirm our commitment to the ideals and high aspirations envisioned in the original Declaration of independence. As a sign of our commitment to this endeavor "we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor".


WE THE PEOPLE TAR is not going to function like the TEA Party Movement. We are not going to be usurped by political parties and political operatives. We are not going to accept contributions with strings attached. We are going to work on shoe string budgets using out side the box thinking.

WE THE PEOPLE TAR is not going to be doing nor asking you to do a lot of pointless busy work. Nor are we going to ask you to show up many times each year for big events that serve only as photo opportunities and/or sound bite opportunities for politicians and/or legitimize the issues that the 2 major parties are using to frame the next election.

WE THE PEOPLE TAR will be asking you to meet with your like minded friends and fellow citizens at least a month before the primaries and caucuses to discuss and set strategy, consistent with our 6 issues and 9 principles, to be implement at and during said caucuses and primaries.

WE THE PEOPLE TAR will be asking you to actively support candidates who agree to abide by our 6 issues and 9 principals by volunteering in what ever manner you are most comfortable. (e.g. phone calling, putting up signs, door knocking) WE THE PEOPLE TAR would respectfully ask you to be willing to get outside your comfort zone in supporting said candidates.

WE THE PEOPLE TAR will be asking that if you are going to make any campaign contributions, you will only make those campaign contributions directly to candidates and not any political parties. The reason being that political parties use your campaign contributions to them as a carrot and/or a stick to get your candidate to do what the political party to do what the political party wants them to do, not to motivate them to do what you the donor wants them to do.

WE THE PEOPLE TAR believe that people work hardest and most effectively on issues they fell passionate about. In groups we have been involved in, we have also found it helpful to subscribe to a general philosophy of “the people that do the work, get to make the decisions” WE THE PEOPLE TAR want this Movement to be a rewarding labor of love, so we encourage you to seek out others that share your enthusiasm for any particular issue you are passionate about. Further, just because the issue you are most passionate is not on the list of top 6 issues, does not mean it is not important. WE THE PEOPLE TAR will support any group working on any issue or sub-issue that falls within the 9 Principles and Objectives. All we ask in return that you aid and assist our work on the top 6 issues.

WE THE PEOPLE TAR suggest the following strategy in recruiting members to our cause; Make them your friends first. If you start out with politics you will often be prejudged and half the time the prejudgment will not be favorable. Once a person knows you as a person, there is a greater chance for meaningful communication. We again encourage you to get outside your comfort zone in recruiting people to our cause.


The 9 Principles and Objectives of WE THE PEOPLE TAR shall be:

1) Restoration of the Rule of Law, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights;

2) Restoration of our Representative, Constitutionally limited Republican Government;

3) Fiscal Responsibility;

4) Free Markets without Corporate Welfare

5) Election Integrity;

6) Re-Training and Motivating elected officials to be more loyal to their constituents and Country than to their political party and anyone else for that matter and;

7) Education Reform and Excellence – The 3 R’s, No Government Indoctrination

8) Re-instilling the Pioneering Spirit, “Fire in the Belly”, Self Reliant, Pioneering Spirit which founded and built this Country in future generations;

9) Oppose any loss of Sovereignty of the United States of America to any Country, the United Nations or any other political, military or economic power (aka New World Order) outside of the United States of America.

“Among the natural rights of the colonists are these: First a right to life, secondly to liberty, and thirdly to property; together with the right to defend them in the best manner they can”

SAMUEL ADAMS(Signed Declaration of Independence, organized the Sons of Liberty, participated in Boston Tea Party, Member of Continental Congress, Governor of Massachusetts)


From now until July 4th, 2013, our direction shall be to pursue achievement of our top 6 Election and Legislative Issues and our top 9 Principles through the existing political parties. Members will be free to apply our strategy and philosophy upon which ever of the USA political parties they wish to affiliate with.

From Now to July 4th, 2012 WE THE PEOPLE TAR asks its members and perspective members to educate and enlightent themselves by studying the following Documents:

USA Declaration of Independence -
USA Constitution -
USA Bill of Rights -
Amendments to the USA Constitution -
The Federalist Papers -
The Anti-federalist Papers -

Thomas Paines – Common Sense -

Any Literature on Locke and Hobbes -

What is Natural Law?

We also encourage you to study "The Enlightenment" -

The 1st Enlightenment was made possible by a rapid acceleration of the sharing of information and ideas via books, pamphlets and newspapers made possible by the Moveable Type Printing Press. Debate Clubs, Coffee Houses and Libraries further accelerated the transfer of ideas and information. Through this Enlightenment the concepts of Natural Law and Natural Rights were developed. Information and Ideas were shared at such a rapid rate that most governments could not maintain their power and the status quo. Eventually most government accepted the changing relationship between Governments and the Governed, or they were swept out of power by violent revolution.

The INTERNET is the information and idea exchange engine of our 2nd Enlightenment. We encourage you to utilize the internet to bounce ideas off others and to find others who share your philosophical and political perspective.

WE THE PEOPLE TAR encourage individuals to begin discussing this literature and these philosophies with their family. If you feel comfortable, have a neighborhood barbeques or block parties and make some aspect of the education or agenda of WE THE PEOPLE TAR a portion of the event.

WE THE PEOPLE TAR hopes in this way, America and the World Experiences a 2nd Enlightenment. Planning the 2nd Enlightenment

WE THE PEOPLE TAR encourages individuals who share our perspective of reality to run for office... Dog Catcher, Watershed District Director, City Council, County Board, State and Federal Senators... They are all important. And there are many other appointed positions you can be involved with Planning and Zoning Board, Curriculum Review Board etc. The important thing is that we start getting people who truly represent the best interests of WE THE PEOPLE into positions where they can affect Government Policy and prepare themselves to run for higher offices.

WE THE PEOPLE TAR is the group that is going encourage people to change their decision process for voting. WE THE PEOPLE TAR will be encouraging voters to vote against incumbents, regardless of party.

WE THE PEOPLE TAR encourages each individual to invest 2 hours per week, pursuing our agenda and getting out of their comfort Zone. Transparency is the biggest deterrent to corruption. If your Government officials know WE THE PEOPLE are paying attention, they behave better. Your investment can be as simple as going to County Board, School Board and/or City Council meetings. Announce that you are there representing WE THE PEOPLE TAR. Ask the Chair to acknowledge and recognize that you are there representing WE THE PEOPLE TAR. Or wear a TEA Shirt indicating you are with WE THE PEOPLE TAR. Be Polite and Respectful and make a good impression. Ask Questions. Be nice until and until WE THE PEOPLE TAR tells you it is time not to be as nice.

Or meet with your State or Federal Representatives, preferably as a small group. Direct whatever appropriate issue you agree upon as a group to these folks. Make sure you say you are with WE THE PEOPLE TAR. These people talk to each other and soon they will realize that we surround them.

Remember, the spoken word evaporates. If it is important, get it in writing, regardless of the resistance you get from your elected official. Rule of thumb, if they won't put in writing, they do not mean it.

From now until July 4th, 2012 be polite and respectful no matter how maddening or moved to anger you are. This is your time to learn how the system really works. WE THE PEOPLE TAR needs you to come up to speed so you understand what the Founders of WE THE PEOPLE TAR have already experienced. We need you to finding out what is really behind the smiling faces when you press issues like our 6 issues.

In that same vein, WE THE PEOPLE TAR would ask you to reach out and form relationships with your local militia groups. We must forge trust and understanding with these groups so there is not mishaps until and unless WE THE PEOPLE TAR determines that no peaceful political resolution is viable.

"And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance?"

THOMAS JEFFERSON (Author of Declaration of Independence, member Continental Congress, Governor of Virginia, Minister to France, Secretary of State, Vice President, 3rd President )

Along those same lines, reach out to your local military, and put a local face to our group. It is important that our military knows our cause is just and that we are not wild eyed radicals. This will become important in the event that our Government calls in the military to suppress peaceful protest. (Let us hope we can avoid the violent protests occurring in Greece)

On or about July 4th, 2013, WE THE PEOPLE TAR will ask its registered groups and members, whether WE THE PEOPLE TAR should continue working through the existing political Parties or start a third party.

On or about July 4th 2015, if WE THE PEOPLE TAR has not achieved 4 of its 6 issues, We shall either form a third party or indicate to the militia that no peaceful political solution is possible and remove our opposition to them taking more aggressive action.

WE THE PEOPLE TAR will flesh out other activities as we mature and get feed back from our members as to what issues we should pursue, what issues we are able to achieve and what activities and strategies have been most effective.


WE THE PEOPLE TAR recognizes that each of us matures at different paces. We recognize that some younger folks really have different priorities in their life that do not include politics. While i encourage you to get involved in politics, I understand that for some of you, it just is not going to happen. Most of WE THE PEOPLE have been there and done that. But may i suggest some fun activities that you may enjoy but will have unexpected benefits for you later in life.

1) Learn to play Chess - This teaches you to think a few moves ahead and to realize that other people and political parties may be thinking a few moves ahead. ;

2) Play Diplomacy (by Avalon Hill) this is chess with much fewer rules and allows for multiple players. It gives you experience with understanding the way your fellow human beings think. it encourages out of the box thinking. ;

3) Civilization (by Sid Meier) - This game gives you a insight into how the masse psyche works and how leaders and rulers manipulate their citizens and subjects by appealing to their base instincts, fears and desires. ;

4) Join a Sports Team;

5) Join a club - may I suggest debate or speaking clubs;

6) Perform Volunteer Work;

7) Visit a retirement home and talk to the resident and ask them to share there wisdom. Ask them if there is more or less freedom in the USA now than when they were young;

8) Thank and Interview a Veteran;

9) Learn to play a musical instrument;

10) Read lots of books;

11) Write a song, poem or article on Liberty and Freedom. Have it published or performed;

12) Join a Militia, National Guard or Federal Military Group;

13) Plant a garden plot;

14) Work on a Family Dairy Farm for a Summer;

15) Take a Hunting Safety Course or a Gun Safety Course;

16) Go Hunting and/or fishing.

While WE THE PEOPLE TAR would much rather have you involved in our movement, we understand that we are all entitled to "be a free spirited youth" for a while. WE THE PEOPLE TAR believes that the activities we have suggested will fulfill your youthful inclinations while providing you with life skills that will be useful in the future, without you even realizing that you are learning. WE THE PEOPLE TAR will be here for you when you are willing to stake your claim in the big game of life.


WE THE PEOPLE TAR on FaceBook - - Hashtags - #WETHEPEOPLE or #WTPTAR

WE THE PEOPLE TAR encourage you to save time and gas by using the following free teleconference services.


With the fall of the USSR , as marked In 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall or in 1991 when Russia's Leaders voted their own Communist Government out of existence, the United States of American stood as the only Super Power in the world. 20 years ago, America was the undisputed Cultural, Socio-Economic-Military leader of the world.

In, 2011, a scant 20 years later, it is obvious to all that our elected officials have squandered our Cultural, Socio-Economic-Military and political system superiority and brought our Country to the brink of collapse. At the same time, these elected officials have ignored our Constitution and severely eroded our unalienable rights and liberties endowed to us by Natural Law and guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and our Bill of Rights.


WE THE PEOPLE TAR believes this last set of facts should startle you into realizing just how badly our elected officials have either failed, or deliberately sabotaged, our Country… depending on your perspective. Either way, it should be obvious that you must become involved now, and not stand idly by as your country disintegrates.

And I will close now as I have given you much to digest. I leave you with this thought:

"There are no great men (people), only great challenges that ordinary men are forced by circumstances to meet." –

US Navy Fleet Admiral William Frederick Halsey, Jr.

I write this article with the same intentions as Thomas Paine I seek no leadership role. I seek only to help the American People find their own way using their own “Common Sense”

Those were my thoughts.

Thank you, my fellow citizens, for taking to read and reflect upon what I have written.

You can read the next article in the series by clicking here WE THE PEOPLE TAR - Critical Thinking

I mutually pledge my life, my fortune and my sacred honor to our mutual endeavors of restoring liberty and economic opportunity to WE THE PEOPLE as our Founding Fathers envisioned and intended.

In Liberty,

Don Mashak

The Cynical Patriot

WE THE PEOPLE TAR does not intend to allow National Level TEA Party nor Coffee Party organization to have membership within this Group. WE THE PEOPLE believe said organizations to be systemically compromised and entrenched in status quo politics. Leaders of Local TEA Party and Coffee Party Groups may apply for membership by signing an affidavit under oath in front of a notary public to the effect that 1) They are a true, non-partisan, grassroots group, 2) That none of the leaders, official or unofficial, are political operatives for any of the 2 major political parties; 3) That the groups leadership has stood for election in the past 12 months, 4) That they affirm that they accept that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are NOT LIVING DOCUMENTS, 5) That they affirm their commitment to the principle that our Government and Judiciary must operate under the Rule of Law, 6) That the Group shall adhere to the 9 Principles and not become involved in Divisive Social Issues unless and until the Country is secured from the Brink of Collapse, 7) They will oppose any subversion of the USA Sovereignty to any other Country or external organization, 8) And lastly, said affidavit should close with a statement to the effect that we mutually pledge to each other and the members of WE THE PEOPLE TAR with our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.