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We Still Need Printed Media


Our digital age is meant to be quick, efficient and effortless. We can read books, magazines, and news on our cell phones. Instead of taking a trip to the bookstore we can order it online. Even then, we don't have to wait for the shipment. We can download it instantly. Do you think we will ever completely stop using printed media? With all of the Newspaper companies that have gone out of business, do you think the large ones will ever stop printing? I think that there is a large majority of an influential population of creative individuals that would be devastated by a No Print agenda.

Many of the most successful people in the world do the same routine daily. Studies have shown that most of them, including Richard Bransen, read a printed newspaper on a regular basis. Many of them are published authors whether successful or not and many of them are involved some type of educational initiative. These are the people that have created enterprises that encourage a digital society. However, they follow and implement traditional values. These creative people have learned to maintain their normal way of living as a sort of structure and balance.

I get it. We have to do what makes us happy and many of us simply prefer to pick up a regular book and read. We don't want to have to worry about a power cord, battery life, or avoiding drops and spills. I love that I can look up any book at any time, but I also enjoy sitting on a beach with a copy of The Informant without sand ruining a pricey device.

Printed media is necessary. It will never be replaced because reading is so essentially needed in our world. We need to keep the simplicity of reading the LA Times headlines. We need the versatility of a simple book that you can tear, write on, and fold the pages at any time. Life is full of speedy, demanding, and sometimes confusing retrospect. We need to keep some simplicity.

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