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We should have traded Barack Obama for Bergdahl instead?

We should have traded Obama instead of the Taliban Five
We should have traded Obama instead of the Taliban Five
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Either way, the Taliban Five belong in Gitmo where they were and should have stayed there. But maybe we not only made the wrong deal with the Taliban, but maybe we missed a chance to accomplish more than one objective at a time. Maybe we really wanted Bowe Bergdahl back so he could come back home and face the music for being an alleged deserter and possibly a traitor and even a Taliban collaborator as well. Maybe the Taliban would have taken Obama in trade for Bergdahl.

Think about it. Think of that image of how happy he was watching, in the Rose Garden at the White House, watching Robert Bergdahl speal the Muslim stuff and praise Allah. Obama loved that, that this anti-American traitor, and father of another traitor, praised Islam and Allah right there in the White House. Remember in that interview that Barack Obama mentioned his Muslim faith...err...Christian faith. Obama claims to be a Christian but he acts like and sympathizes with and supports Muslims more than some Muslims do. He totally supported the extremist Islamo-fascist Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the same Muslim Brotherhood that attempted to topple the government in Egypt after the fascist dictator Morsi we removed, who had been allegedly “elected” (by Obama election stealing standards, that is) and violated the rights of the people so much the country's military arrested him and removed him from office. Even after that even, Obama still sided with the Muslim Brotherhood. And those M-16 rifles being fired by members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the streets of Egypt last summer just gotten there by coincidence too.

Just like the members of the Taliban and al Qaeda, Barack Obama hates America and wants America humiliated on the world stage. Obama's father was Muslim and he was raised as one in Indonesia, and Muslims themselves say once you were raised as one you'll also be one. So Obama qualifies to become a Muslim, and join them, as father and son Bergdahls have appparently done too. I suspect Michelle Obama really is a Christian and would have divorce from Barack if he was to go Muslim but we're told they're working on that already. So there you go, we could have traded Obama to the Taliban for Bergdahl instead.

That would have been a good deal for many Americans, including Joe Biden, who would fullfill his 26 years long ambition to become the President of the United States. As caretaker president, Biden could start the process of uniting and healing the country after the traitor Obama nearly destroyed it. And if Obama does anything to threaten our national security, probably working with our enemies, Biden could authorize the mission to capture Obama and stick his butt in Club Gitmo where it belongs. Imagine that, Barack Obama getting a taxpayer-paid vacation at the Gray Bar Motel known as Club Gitmo. That would be such profoundly and poetic justice.

A disclaimer for those of you in Rio Linda, Cal. and other places populated by those who don't get it: This commentary is in no way meant to be a threat to anyone, including the president, it is strictly commentary intended to make some points about the deal involving this president sending the Taliban Five to Qatar in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl. For anyone that reads anything else into this commentary, get a clue.

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