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We're just a big group of confused kids dating other confused kids


Sometimes I just like doing polls. I like posting questions and waiting for the answers that come in. My personal blog has a very diverse group of readers, the majority in our 20's and 30's, and all across the board when it comes to relationships. Single, married, divorced, kids, no kids, searching frantically for "the one," believe they'll never find "the one," or just given up on finding "the one."  This week, I decided to ask them a question and post the unique answers that came out of it. At the very least, they'll never fail to entertain.

Women: What do you not understand about men?

"Why do guys say they're going to call when they're NOT? If a guy isn't interested, don't think you're placating me when your buddy asks for my friend's number and you ask for mine. I don't have time to wonder if you're going to be calling."

"What I don't understand about men is why they are such game players. If you ask for my number, use it. If you don't plan on using it, don't ask for it. I also don't understand why there's no middle ground. It's either a serious relationship or it's just sex. Where's the "hey let's go on one date and see what happens" stage?"

"I don't understand why their actions don't match what they're saying...I've found lately that my husband has been saying exactly what I want to hear just so I won't bug him about something that is a constant struggle in our relationship. The problem is, what he says he's going to do and what he actually does are two completely different things. Why can't he understand that if he would just tell it like it is I wouldn't get so angry at him!?!?!"

"Hmm, what don't I understand about men? Everything? I don't understand how guys can remember every single stat of every single player, dead or alive, of their favorite sports team. I don't understand why their nose and ear hairs grow so long. I don't understand why putting a baby or puppy within a five foot radius of them makes them infinitely cuter. The list goes on..."

"What I dont understand about men is why do we have to dig things we need/want to know out of you like we are digging a hole to China."

"Why do men tend to get easily mislead when it comes to other women flirting with them? and why do they always take forever making up their minds when they have to make a decision??"

"Is sex REALLY all you think about? Or is that something our society tells you that you should be thinking about all the time and now you're just used to talking about it? Because sometimes I can go all day without sex even crossing my mind but I'm yet to meet a man who doesn't constantly talk about it if he has a chance. And in the same vein, are you SERIOUSLY sexually attracted to that many women? I am rarely physically aroused by seeing a "good looking" man, but based on what I hear from the guys I know, they 'would totally do' like every second girl. I just want to know if it's all macho bravado or if it's real."

"Why everything relates back to that all they think about?"

"Hm. I'm a woman. I love video games and sex. Really? Why wouldn't all women? I don't get the hype with beer. That's the only thing I don't understand."

"Why they don't hit on me more often. Okay, okay, not exactly what I meant. I mean, it's just really rare for a guy to walk up to a girl in a bar and say, Hi. WHY is this so hard?? So what if you get shut down? So what if she's a Cunty McCunterson? If I was a dude, I would have the BEST pick up lines ever... and I would USE them."

"Why they do not want to date me. OK, fine, I actually understand that. But that doesn't mean I like it."

Men: What do you not understand about women?

"Does 'everything' count?"

"What I don't understand about women could fill the Library of Mo Fuggin' Congress, but I guess a simple question is: Why does it take so long to get ready? I mean, you already know we've got to be somewhere, so should you plan accordingly?"

"What's the deal with pedicures?"

"..What we don't understand about women? christ, really? ok, i'll ask an easy one: why don't you like video games?"

"Why women are attracted to so much drama."

"Tampons vs. maxi pads."

"Is this thing big enough?"

I also feel that the depth of answers between men and women shows a significant difference between the two species as well. Something along the lines of "WHY WON'T HE CALL??" vs. "pedicures?" Really, guys?

Anyway, there you have it. A few ideas on why we're all just plain confused, even if it only has to do with toenails and tampons. Anyone care to give a shot at answering some of these? If not, what do you not understand about the opposite sex?



  • 5 years ago

    Haha, Mars and Venus, Mars and Venus...

    For the record, I'm a girl that likes video games, but I can't sit and play them hour after hour like some dudes.

  • Just A Girl 5 years ago

    Ha, I think the basic difference is that men tend to be a lot simpler than women believe. We overanalyze everything they say because we have so many shades of meaning in OUR words. Sigh.

  • Danny 5 years ago

    Being a young man today, I AM bombarded with sexual influences whenever I deal with another person or product. It's a way of life I suppose. It's not that it's always on my mind, but the exposure to sexuality has perhaps desensitized me to the strength of some words or concepts.

    Everyone's different, always keep that in mind, but your guy may actually ALWAYS think about sex. Think about what that actually means before you blow it out of proportion. Procreation is the purpose of life, right?