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We no longer need the Uniform Code of Military Justice

The obsolete system also known as the UCMJ is not needed in the United States anymore. Young Americans who are considering enlistment in our Armed Forces can see for themselves that the talking heads of corporate media, whoever they may be now or in the future, have assumed the function of adjudicating what happens to our soldiers. Their decisions will rest on their opinion of the current administration. Individual soldiers are no longer taken into consideration, nor can they continue to believe that no matter what happens on the battlefield, someone will come for them if they are hurt or captured. It is now a question of trial-by media.

The first consideration of any incident depends not on the incident itself, nor on the individuals involved. Political gain is the primary goal of everything that happens. Anything can be said, true or untrue, to spin a given situation to the advantage of whoever owns the media outlets. Our soldiers needn't take it personally; it is no longer a question of parents and children, or a question of abandoning our troops. It is now simply a question of whether an incident can be spun into grounds for impeaching the president, if he is the target of the conservatives who own the media.

If the soldier lives to come home or dies in captivity, it no longer matters. The soldier who was deliberately abandoned to die alone makes great fodder for Obama Derangement Syndrome. Likewise, if the soldier is returned alive to his or her family, that's fine too; the media can attack the character of the soldier by lying about him or her. The actual life and death of the soldier are subordinate to what use can be made of him or her in politics. To that end, there are no limits to which the conservative media will not descend (as we saw before in the case of Jessica Lynch during the Iraq conflict).

The process of setting up the President of the United States of America for failure and impeachment is apparently the scenario for every Democratic administration in the foreseeable future. In the event that the Republican Party cannot manage to impeach President Obama, the next Democratic presidential candidate ought to prepare for their impeachment hearings now, as long as Republicans are a force in the Congress. The short memory of those who have forgotten that President Clinton was also impeached (but not removed from office) by a Congress that was frustrated with his election is allowing the present scenario to take place. It appears that no one in Washington is thinking that two impeachments in two Democratic administrations might not be a good idea. Presenting any policy options or taking action in the process of governing the United States has gone out of style.

What voices have been raised to awaken the conservative segment of politics and the media to this vicious stupidity? The congressman from Bowe Bergdahl's voting district has spoken up. Several high-ranking military officers or retired former officials have spoken out quite bluntly: we leave no one behind. The President has said that he offers no apologies for bringing a soldier home. What was the alternative--to leave him to die? Imagine the reaction of conservatives if they learned that a soldier had died in captivity while the President dickered with an intermediary nation for his release.

It is clear by now that the conservative side of politics and the media can take either side. If the prisoner dies, impeach the President. If he is brought home, impeach the President. If a Democrat is elected president next time around, assassinate his/her character and try to impeach him (or her) for a third time. Subvert voting rights to cut down on Democratic voters. Lie, cheat, steal elections--after all, Barack Obama is black.

Some time ago I wrote an article asking that the Republicans take off their masks so that we could see their faces. Well, they have done so. It is now obvious that they have nothing other than Obama Derangement Syndrome, a virus of racial hatred that has silenced good people and inflamed people with bad intentions to do their worst. This is all about punishing the American people for electing the wrong president, but if Republicans intend to leave a poisonous, poverty-stricken nation behind, every single person who casts a ballot for them deserves the results. Earthquakes from fracking, poisoned water from pipeline and coal-mine leaks, Americans living in their streets and cars--this is the fallout of voting Republican. But after all, Barack Obama is black; does that override everything else?

And the worst aspect of this fiasco is that it is being conducted by politicians who call themselves Christians and disparage the faiths of anyone else, even another Christian, who is not of their denomination. They direct visceral hatred towards other faiths and cultures. They lie about the beliefs of the principals in the Bergdahl story, including his parents who have done nothing more than try to get him released. They state their opinions as facts and make up more details of the Bergdahl story to suit the latest talking points. Nowhere does any real concern for Bergdahl or his family enter into it; the story is all about politics.

That seems to be the scenario we can look forward to: when a Republican manages to steal an election, the party will run wild, looting the nation and crashing the economy in order to enrich themselves and their friends. When a Democrat gets elected president, they will be impeached.

Are you okay with this?

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