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We need to rescue pets whenever and however you can

This is Alli. She is the middle dog that Amy W. rescued .
Amy Walker

We all know the unbelievable population of unwanted and homeless pets. Knowing the numbers doesn’t matter nearly as much as the problem does. Educating people about spaying and neutering is a necessary thing. It has had a positive effect but, the population has gotten so out of hand since it went unchecked for so long that the sheer numbers of the animals still over shadow all the good work that is being done. Only a finite number of resources are available while there are an infinite number of pets to rescue.

The public must help in any way they can. You can help by heading to the shelter and adopt a pet if you are able. You can volunteer at the many organizations working on this issue. They can use your help. Donating money or needed items would be a great way to do your part. There are many colonies of feral cats out there and they need to be fed. There are also the programs to stop the spread of these colonies where they humanely trap and pick up the cats. Then they spay and neuter them and return them to their colony. You may be able to assist with this program. Everyone has the responsibility to address this problem in a helpful way and do what they can.

One person who took this challenge upon herself has already helped three such animals. Amy W. saw a Pit Bull tied in front of a store. She had been there for 3 days without anyone helping. She was only 6 months old and needed rescuing, so Amy did. She named her Mamma. Amy said, “She is now 5 years old.” She has a permanent home.

The second dog, Amy W. rescued was a young dog named Alli, another Pit Bull. Amy said, "The old owners used to beat her.” According to this rescuer, “another problem was they were trying to breed her at 7 months.”

Besides the obvious problem of bringing more unwanted puppies into the world, she was not yet grown herself. This can be very hard on a young female and take nutrition they still need themselves from their bodies to give to the babies.

This whole situation made Amy feel so bad and she was angry so she offered the old owners $100 for this dog. They accepted and now Alli is living with someone that loves her and cares for her. She is now 2 years old.

Petee, another Pit Bull, is just 6 months old. He would have been put to sleep if he could not be adopted. She found him in a Denver shelter called Ires Q. This shelter does events every Friday and Saturday at Petco on Uintah. They save animals from the fate of euthanasia like many of our shelters here.

You may note that all 3 of these rescues were of Pit bulls. They have an untrue reputation for being untrustworthy and even dangerous. Because of their bad beginnings and lack of training necessary for any dog, they ended up being in a shelter. Lots of owners did not know how to handle them, but with patience and love they can be saved just like other dogs. Amy W. is proof of that.

It is not expected that everyone can rescue three pets on their own. For some one pet is too much, but you can report any instance of mistreatment or abuse of an animal.

If you see an animal neglected call the authorities. You can call Animal Law Enforcement (ALE) at 719-473-1741. You can make an anonymous call if you prefer. Whatever part you can play in the rescuing of so many animals, your efforts will be appreciated. It is a rewarding pastime and even more a needed cause for you to support.

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