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We need less regulations after hundreds die in a coal mine?

At least 301 coal miners in a coal mine in Turkey have died from methane poisoning. Amazingly, they, or a lot of them, didn't have gas masks. How can people who work in a coal mine, not be issued gas masks? When I was in the Army, we had gas masks during drills, and we weren't even in combat.

We didn't face the constant danger of dying from a chemical attack. Well these miners did. In the U.S. we've had multiple coal miners die in coal mining accidents that were the direct product of companies violating rules that help guarantee the safety of the miners they employ.

That though is nothing compared to at least 301 deaths. The Turkish government is somewhat of an Islamic theocracy, do they care more about supporting Islam, then worker safety? They remind me of politicians in the U.S. who care more about promoting Christianity then worker safety, whatever the industry might be.

General Motors withheld information to the public about their ignition switches. It looks like a high ranking engineer lied during a lawsuit, in a case that was later settled.

I often hear and read we need less regulations. In some areas, yes, but an important thing to remember is that large corporations don't always employ the most ethical people. CEOs are much more likely then the average person to register as being a sociopath.

Yes, workers work in safer workplaces in the U.S. versus Turkey, and products are safer. But, that is a product of regulations that ensure those standards, they should not be weakened.