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We ♥ Moonlighting.

"Some walk by night, some fly by day..."


Oil and water. Day and night. Madonna and Sean Penn. The world is full of things that just don't work well together. In the spring of 1985, we got one more.

Maddie and David.

Had two lead characters in a TV ever been more in hate with each other?

When Moonlighting premiered March 3, the show was like something we'd never seen before. Was it a drama? Was it comedy? Was it action? Supsense?

Well... yes.

Starring Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd, the show was just about as original as they come. From the first scene when the stunning, former Blue Moon Shampoo Girl Maddie Hayes walks into brash, smartass David Addison's detective agency and fires him, all the way through to their almost-wedding... well, we were just glad to be along for the wacky ride.

Yeah, we all knew it wouldn't be long before the two actually came together, and sure enough, that Season 2 kiss in the parking garage confirmed it. We'd have to wait a little more than a year, though, for them to really get together (if you know what we mean. Wink, wink.) When Maddie couldn't say yes to the marriage proposal from Sam (the always excellent Mark Harmon), we had hope. And sure enough, after yet another, typical, knock-down-drag-out David/Maddie fight, we got the consummation we'd all been waiting for... and to the joyous strains of 'Be My Baby', no less.

All along the way, Moonlighting did its damndest to keep up entertained. Sometimes slapstick, sometimes nerve-wracking, but never dull-- that was the show we knew and loved every Tuesday night at 9 (8 central).

Of course we'd be remiss if we neglected the quirky Agnes Dipesto (Allyce Beasley) and her man, the lovably goofy Burt Viola (Curtis Armstrong. You know... Booger!), but this was David and Maddie's show from the start. And even when he took a break to shoot a little flick called Die Hard, and she took a little break to, you know, have twins, we always knew they'd be back for us.

Unfortunately, ABC didn't see it our way, and after five seasons, Moonlighting was no more.

That's okay, though. It sure was awesome to see that oil and water become chocolate and peanut butter.

We ♥ Moonlighting.


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