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We'll Eat What We Want, You'll Eat What We Tell You

As many people have heard, there have been many complaints from both students and parents about the new lunch menus that comply with Michelle Obama’s food control program. It’s described as an attempt to get kids to eat healthier, but it really does not do that, and it is apparently leaving kids hungry even. However, the school that Sasha and Malia Obama reportedly attend has been voted as the #1 in school lunches. There seem to be no complaints in that school about food, but I’ll get to that part in a minute.

The complaints are not really even what you would expect from kids being forced to eat a “healthy” lunch. It’s not as if they are just saying, “eww, I don’t like broccoli or carrots.” Those complaints are going to happen whenever you tell kids they have to eat vegetables instead of French Fries. However, the complaints are about how little they have to eat. There are tons of Tweeted and Instagramed photos showing very tiny lunches, such as a hamburger with very little meat with half a kiwi on the side or a wrap with a half a slice of meat with a little bit of cheese. These are the lunches being served to kids. The ones that are supposedly healthy, yet don’t actually provide them with the right amount of calories/substance to sustain them for the remainder of their day. Michelle is complaining about the politicizing of the issue, but that is the argument presented by someone who has no actual answer. Michelle’s intent could possibly be good(if you don’t consider the next paragraph), but she’s not in any position to actually be able to determine what is a good lunch for a child. Thus, she says that it is being politicized rather than adjusting the menu to allow kids to actually eat a lunch at school.

What’s interesting, though, is that her children attend a school that seems to not really have any complaints. While there are definitely some healthy choices from the menu that has recently become more public, there are also things like meatball subs and ice cream, which is not allowed on the menu she provided. The issue here is that she, as a parent, can choose to send her kids to a school that serves that, and she can then make sure they eat healthy at home, but her subjects, also referred to as American citizens, cannot make such choices. Why can’t an average parent send his/her child to school and be the one who determines what is healthy for the child? If these foods are so bad, why are they on her daughters’ school lunch? And why are there so many pictures of the Obamas being out eating unhealthy things like cheese steaks and chili dogs?

I think I know the reason-it’s the Obamas, they have the right to choose what they eat, but we are only the subjects of their kingdom, and cannot be allowed to choose what we eat. It is about control. Yes, it is very good to be mindful of what you eat, and eating food that isn’t good for you every now and then, as those pictures show, is perfectly fine. Why can they do it though, while they are trying to prevent you from doing it? It is because this movement by Michelle Obama is all about control That is the “un”official agenda of Barack Obama and his staff. We are simply here to please them and serve as experiments and servants. That is why we have this current hypocrisy. That is why the Constitution is completely ignored. And that is why we are in our currently very poor situation militarily, economically and morally. Rules no longer apply because they are the Obamas, and until the inauguration in January 2017, we are expected to just sit in awe and appreciation that we get to watch as the current administration ignores laws, spends taxpayer dollars on random fun events, and not question the serious problems being caused.

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