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We know what it's like

We know...
We know...
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

It doesn’t matter where you go. You could be at the grocery store, at the movies, at church, or at a business meeting. If there is another biker around, you will find each other. It’s not always obvious right away. Oh sure, it might be as easy as it was last week for me, when I went to a wedding and immediately zoned in on this guy across the aisle from me, all dressed up in a suit, with long blonde hair, tattoos, and black Harley boots. But it’s not always that way. Still, somehow we seem to gravitate toward those who feel comfortable near us, don’t we? I think it’s human nature. Something in the way he/she moves…

We catch each others eye and we smile—because we know. We know and understand something about each other. And it’s kind of exciting because in a way it’s like a big secret that we all share among ourselves that the non-bikers don’t. We know.

My heart beat so fast the first time I rode on a motorcycle at 15-years-old, with my cousin Vinny. I was loving every moment and didn’t want the ride to end. I remember thinking, “NOW I know what it’s like, and I will never forget it!” And I knew that from that moment on, whenever I saw a biker, I would at least have that in common with him—I would know what it felt like to ride a motorcycle.

We are very fortunate to have the freedom to embrace this culture, and for me, the very things that have always set bikers apart from everyone else have also served as symbols that represent their tradition. For example, the leather represents the protection that bikers have for their family, friends, and club brothers. The chains join us all as a culture, as a community, as a force to be reckoned with when necessary. The steel is the strength of the brotherhood and sisterhood that exists among bikers, the natural camaraderie whenever bikers are gathered together. The roar of the engines provide the thunder, the voice, the screams, the shouts, when we need to make a bold statement.The chrome represents those who shine for us, such as the Christian motorcycle clubs (and other individual angels) who play a vital role for so many who crave their help and support, even if unknowingly.

These are the reasons why, when you meet up with that fellow biker at the gas station or wherever it may be, you nod at each other and find yourself smiling to yourself and thinking, “I know.”

Ride Safe my friends ~

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