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We ♥ Kids Incorporated.

‘Best of the 80s’ is a celebration our favorite decade’s pop culture. As always, your suggestions and comments are welcome below.

Kids Incorporated
Disney Channel

"We're Kiiiiids Incorrrr-porated.. K! I! D! S!"

If we were to ask you what Fergie, Mario Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Martika had in common, what would you say?

We hope you would say, "Well, Best of the 80s, it's none other than Kids Incorpoated, the 1/2 hour Disney Channel show that spotlighted some of America's best young talent as they belted out covers of Top 40 hits while also tackling such lofty issues as racism, peer pressure, and bullying."

And then we'd pat you on the back for being so intelligent.

Indeed, Kids Inc. started in syndication in 1984, but after two so-so years, it was cancelled. The brand new Disney Channel, however, saw an opportunity and snatched it up, running it from '86-'89 with great success. (After a two-year break, it came back in '91 for a couple more seasons, but we don't really count them).

Of course Stacy Ferguson (later 'Fergie') was the real star of the show here. One of original cast members when the show debuted in '84, she went on to be the one constant in an otherwise revolving door of pubescent singers.

Speaking of singing, is there a song the Kids Inc. kids didn't cover? From Debbie Gibson to Aretha Franklin, from Van Halen to The Beatles, if it was a popular song, it was performed at the P_lace (how come they never fixed that 'a', by the way?) Of course, Kids Inc. also had the cojones to perform original songs, too, like the excellent "Music for the Modern World" from 1985.

Call it an 80s Glee with little kids. Call it an afterschool special meets American Bandstand. We just call it awesome.

We ♥ Kids Incorporated.

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