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We have the technology to get rid of Congress and make our country a pure democracy.

545 people rule our nation according to Charley Reese.
545 people rule our nation according to Charley Reese.

Most children today, and adults for that matter, will incorrectly tell you that The United States of America is a Democracy.  Our country is not a Democracy but rather a Republic.  (If you don't believe me, recite the Pledge of Allegiance and actually listen to the words you're saying, if you know them.)

What's the difference?

A Democracy is a government run by the people, with all the people voting on important matters, thus putting the power in their hands.

A Republic, or Representative Democracy, is a government that is run by representatives elected by the people to vote in their stead.

For thousands of years, a Republic was the most efficient, Democratic form of government.

Our founding fathers knew that as much as they might have wanted to put the power in the hands of the people, logistically, every person in such a large country could never come together to vote.

With today's technology, that allows more people to vote for American Idol than those who actually vote, we have the ability to shift from a Republic and become a Pure Democracy, thus ending the political careers of our representatives who think they know better than their constituents. 

Some of you might have seen the email floating around about "545 people vs. 300 Million" or a derivative of the name. 

It was written by Charley Reese back in 1995 and has been updated. 

The email is based on a combination of his articles about the oligarchy in D.C. making decisions for us.

When written, there was little we could do to change the system, however, with the internet and the ability to vote online, why do we need Congress?

We don't need representatives anymore to voice our opinions, so why not get rid of Congress? 

The hard part would be to get Congressmen to vote on the needed amendment to abolish Congress, because we all know they are looking after their own interests and not their constituents. 

Imagine, country-wide votes on taxes, declaring war, etc.  No more deals in Congress, just the voice of the people. 

We'd still need a President and a Supreme Court, but we don't need representatives anymore.  

Charley Reese, your writing is still out there and maybe others will realize that you are correct; we should end the oligarchical oppression of these politicians and give the real power to the people now that every vote can be accounted for. 

I wonder how the health care reform vote would have gone?


  • Hifi 5 years ago

    Not quite true. The term" republic" only appears in Article IV of the Constitution which "guarantee[s] to every State in this Union a Republican form of Government." What exactly the writers of the constitution felt this should mean is uncertain. The Supreme Court, in Luther v. Borden (1849), declared that the definition of republic was a "political question" in which it would not intervene. In two later cases, it did establish a basic definition. In United States v. Cruikshank (1875), the court ruled that the "equal rights of citizens" were inherent to the idea of republic. The opinion of the court from In re Duncan[51] (1891) held that the "right of the people to choose their government" is also part of the definition.

    These two are in dynamic tension, no matter how the people vote, the American form of republic guarantees that rule by majority or mob will not trump the equal rights of citizens.

  • MoneyMakers Rule 5 years ago

    The 545 & potus do what they're told....