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We don't care what our guests think, our wedding is about us

Your wedding guests matter
Your wedding guests matter
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"I don't care what our guests say, this day is all about us," said too many couple's who actually do realize they care what their guests think about their wedding.

Yes, your wedding is just that, your wedding. However, if you really don't care about anybody else on your wedding day, then maybe you should celebrate with just your spouse. If you want to have fun at your wedding and create lasting memories, then put some thought on how to make your wedding fun and memorable.

Recently an engaged couple said, "We don't care if it's really hot at our outside wedding, our guests can handle it for a few hours." Unfortunately, that kind of attitude is what will turn your guests off, and you might find that not many guests are still around after dinner. "As a wedding DJ, I see many couples who don't understand the importance of entertaining their guests," Simon Blanco, owner of MEGA Music Entertainment. When this happens your friends and family will leave early.

Weddings are often talked about years to come at family gatherings, especially around the holidays. "It's a really great feeling when my cousins still talk about how much they loved my wedding 3 years later," says Jenni Downley.

Now, this doesn't mean you have to care about every opinion that comes your way. What is does mean, is make your guests feel like they are at home. Feed them well. Make them feel welcome. Keep them informed throughout the reception. Have plans for rain, snow, ice, or extreme heat depending on the time of year. There are many more factors to consider, and that's why hiring a wedding planner is worth every single penny!

Enjoy your special day, and remember happy guests equals happy and fun wedding with wonderful memories talked about for years!

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