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We consume a lot of foods and drinks with a color in their names

Red velvet cake
Red velvet cake

You probably have never thought about it, but we eat a lot of foods with a color in their names. Before you continue reading, see how many foods with a color in their names you can list. Remember, this is not the color of the food. Rather, it is a food with the actual color being part of the food's name.

Let's start with the color black since that color appears in more foods than other colors. There are blackberries, black-eyed peas, black beans, black lentils, blacken fish, blacken chicken, black forest ham, black forest cake, black olives, black pepper, and black tea.

There are just as many foods with red these names as with black. They include red beans, red potatoes, red onions, red pepper, red eye gravy, red beans, red lobster, red grapes, red cabbage, red velvet cake and red wine. There are green beans, green peas, collard greens, green apples, green olives, green peppers, green grapes, and green tea. There are yellow corn meal, yellow corn, yellow squash, and white corn.

There are blueberries and blue cheese. We can buy either apple brown Betty, brown sugar, brownies, brown eggs, brown gravy, brown rice or white rice. Along with white rice, we can buy white potatoes, white bread, white corn, white potaotoes, white chocolate, egg whites, and white grapes. We can buy foods in pink such as pink salmon and pink lemonade. One can't help but remember that orange is the name of a fruit that is named after its color. Also, there is orange juice There are yellow squash, yellow peppers, yellow corn meal and yellow cake. The only purple food that comes to mind is purple cabbage. While navy is not a basic color, it is a shade of blue. Therefore, we include navy beans. Peach is a color that represent the peach fruit so we include peach cobbler and peach pie.

The next meal you have, pay attention to which foods you are eating with a color in its name. You will be surprised to notice how many of our everyday foods are identified with a. Play a game with your kids by describing the food and letting them guess the color. At meal times, let each of your children take turns picking a food named after a color for dinner.

Make sure you view the slideshow to see some of these foods with a color in their names.

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