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We cannot serve God and wealth, reminds Pope

Crowds heard Pope Francis give his last Sunday Angelus before Lent on a rainy Sunday in Rome, where the Pope discussed placing God above all else in one’s life, especially above earthly possessions. “A heart occupied by the desire to posses is full of this desire to possess things, but empty of God,” Francis said Sunday. “In a heart possessed by riches, there is not much space for faith. Everything is occupied by riches: there is no place for faith. If instead one allows God his rightful place, that is, first, then his love also leads to sharing the wealth, putting riches at the service of charitable and development projects, as evidenced by many examples, even recent ones, in the history of the Church.”

Pope Francis reminded those gathered for his Sunday Angelus message this week that both God and mammon cannot be served at the same time.
Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images

“We cannot serve two masters, God and wealth,” the Holy Father taught, repeating a cardinal teaching of Jesus. “This is why Jesus repeated warned the rich, because the risk of placing their security in the goods of this world is strong for them. And security - definitive security - is in God.”

“As long as everyone tries to accumulate for themselves, there will never be justice. If, however, trusting in the providence of God, we seek his kingdom together, then no one will lack what is necessary to live with dignity,” the Pontiff declared. “The providence of God passes through our service to others. When people share their goods, and put them in the service of others, the providence of God becomes a gesture of solidarity.”

“It is better to share, because we bring to Heaven only that which we have shared with others,” the Pope taught.

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