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We can't seem to save the Gulf, but we can save Lake Michigan

This summer, we have a chance to protect Lake Michigan, so we can make sure it's clean and beautiful for generations to come. The Obama administration has launched a new initiative to reconnect Americans, especially kids, with our country's amazing natural beauty. They're calling the initiative America's Great Outdoors, and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is looking for public input on the places that need more protection. We think Lake Michigan should make the list.

The petition reads:

"Lake Michigan is an unparalleled national treasure, but is in danger from rampant shoreline development, toxic pollution, invasive species, sewage overflows and unrestricted water withdrawals. As you consider projects for the America's Great Outdoors agenda, please make protecting Lake Michigan a priority. "

Click the link below to add your name to the petition:



  • Karl W 5 years ago

    I'm in!!!

  • Jones 5 years ago

    done and done. thanks for posting

  • dutch 5 years ago

    thanks. it's done.

  • Ra CH 5 years ago

    Why do we need petitions for the kind of stuff the society really needs!? It's like if there's not a petition then some selfish nefarious greedy interest group is going to run off with our whole environment! Oops, that's sort of what's happening, isn't it!
    Does anyone remember that BPWhiting is (still) polluting Lake Michigan with their methanol facility waste? (They make money, while converting food grade corn into CO2 emissions.)

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