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We can see the face of Christ in others through the Eucharist, pope says

In his Wednesday General Audience in St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis reflected on the sacrament of the Eucharist, saying that the Eucharist helps us to see the face of Christ in our neighbors. “In the Mass we encounter many people, but do we really see them as brothers and sisters? Does the Eucharist lead us to reach out to the poor, to the sick, to the marginalized, seeing the face of Jesus in them,” Francis asked. “There are some specific indicators that help us in this sense, the first is the way of relating with others.”

Pope Francis has said that we can see the face of Christ in others through the Eucharist
Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images

“In his life, Christ manifested his love by being with people, and he liked to be with the people, sharing their longings, problems and worries, so too the Eucharist brings us together with others – young and old, poor and affluent, neighbors and visitors,” the Pontiff taught. “The Eucharist calls us to see all of them as our brothers and sisters, and to see in them the face of Christ.”

The Pope said that we are able to "live the Eucharist" every day due to the fact that “we experience the forgiveness of God and the call to forgive,” explaining that “whoever celebrates the Eucharist does not do so because he is better than the others, but because he recognizes his need for God's mercy. We celebrate the Eucharist not because we are worthy, but because we recognize our need for God’s mercy, incarnate in Jesus Christ.”

“In the Eucharistic celebration, we are nourished as the Christian community by Christ’s Word and Life, there is coherence between the liturgy and the life of our communities,” said the Pope.

“The Eucharist is not a mere memory of some sayings and actions of Jesus, but rather it is the word and gift of Christ's presence here that comes to us and nourishes us with his Word and his life. It is from the Eucharist that the Church receives continually her identity and mission,” the Pope stated, "through our celebration of the sacrament Christ fills us with his grace, so that our lives may be consonant with our worship of God in the Liturgy.”

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